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Indian Dance

Indian Dance originated from the temples of India where ladies used to dance for the gods. This ancient art form is very much appreciated by millions of people in the world. It has also attracted a number of our pupils who are not only Indians, but are of other races. Our Indian Dance CCA’s objectives would be to inculcate the love for the Indian Dance art form and at the same time, allow pupils to express themselves gracefully through dance. Pupils were not only taught the various Indian dance forms such as classical, folk and contemporary, they were also be taught life skills such as self-discipline, teamwork, perseverance, compassion, loyalty and sportsmanship. The school’s core values were also infused in the programmes. Pupils were also given opportunities to practice their leadership skills during practices.   Our Indian dancers have participated in the Singapore Youth Festival for many years now and they have always done well. Last year, they achieved the Certificate of Accomplishment for the 2014 Singapore Youth Festival Dance Competition. Our dancers were also given opportunities to participate in school events such as Deepavali Concert and Prize Giving Day, and public performances which were organised by Grassroots Organizations. The love for Indian Dance has influenced our pupils to continue with this passion in their post-primary education. Indian Dance CCA is definitely a CCA which any child could join to have fun and at the same time, acquire a beautiful and ancient art form experience.