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Photography Club

The Photography Club was established in 2015 to inspire appreciation for the beauty we see around us everyday. Taking photographs allows us to express ourselves in a creative manner. It also offers the chance to capture memorable moments. In the club, pupils are exposed to elements of photo-taking and given ample opportunities to put their learning into practice, both in and out of school. Through photography, pupils learn to notice details as they start viewing the world around them through the eyes of a photographer. The club deals mainly with photo-taking for school events. Pupils can look forward to having their photos published in the club's editorial and school website. There is also an internal competition which allows pupils to showcase their learning. Members in the Photography Club are provided opportunities to hone their observation, analytical, evaluative and communicative skills, while enhancing their love for the aesthetic through the activities organised. Pupils also learn to conduct independent research. They are taught presentation skills and how to use technology to support their photo-taking. The club emphasizes three key values of our school—self-discipline, excellence and resilience, which we believe are the cornerstones of success.