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Robotics Club

Our Robotics Club provides a platform for innovation and creativity. Over the years, our pupils have participated in numerous rigorous robotics events. These exciting events aim to promote robotics education to young pupils in Singapore. It nurtures young pupils' interest in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) by providing interactive competition platforms with designable and programmable robots.

Our pupils have competed in the national, regional and international levels, such as Singapore VEX, National Junior Robotics Competition and Asia-Pacific VEX. In some of the competitions, pupils are tasked to form alliances with other teams to complete the missions. Through these exciting learning journeys, many friendships have flourished.

Robotics Club is an excellent avenue for pupils to engage in meaningful and active learning, build their character and 21st Century Skills as they go about our club activities. Pupils exercise self-discipline as they set goals and keep to the timeline in the preparation for their competitions, and persevere and strive for excellence, clinching awards for the school and nation.