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Sports Academy

Lianhua Sports Academy is to establish and maintain a quality program of sports activities for the pupils it serves. We aim to provide opportunities for pupils to focus on individual talents and strengths in order to become strong and morally grounded leaders in the future, while being excellent in all that they set out to accomplish. Through the sports program, opportunities will be created for pupil-athletes to develop positive attitudes, healthy habits, and rewarding experiences. Another goal of the sports program is to teach positive sportsmanship-like behaviour.

We will focus on 3 core sports in Sports Academy; there are Volleyball, basketball and fencing. New members will go through modular training of the core sports and fundamental movement skills. After going through the modular training, each pupil will be channelled to specialize in one core sports depending on the potential of pupil.

Sports academy offers a range of challenging experiences and leadership opportunities for each pupils throughout the different stages of training which is integral to the holistic development of our pupils.