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Project Work


    • Students to work collaboratively with others
    • Students to be self-directed and learn through trial and error and self discovery
    • Enthuse students in skills in coding and programming

The Primary 2 to Primary 5 students are involved in Project Work. Project Work in our school is built upon our Applied Learning Programme (ALP) in Robotics. From as young as in Primary 2, we expose and enthuse our students in doing coding and programming to control the movement and actions of basic robots. 

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Through project work, students get another opportunity to work collaboratively with their team members. They learn to listen to others and share their ideas in a safe and non-threatening environment. The activities and lessons are designed in such a way that it allows for self-directed learning and higher order thinking in problem solving.

Primary 2 Project Work introduces robots to the students. They learn about what robots are and what robots can do. Using the Moway Kit, students build their own robots and use simple coding skills to control their robots.

In Primary 3, 4 and 5, students learn how to construct and programme their robots to accomplish missions assigned using different LEGO Robotics kits.

Students who excel in Robotics are given the chance to take part in National Robotics Competition.