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Sharing Session 2013 @ MOE ExCEL Fest

The teachers from the Tamil Department conducted a Sharing Session during MOE ExCEL Fest at Central ITE College on Friday, 5 April 2013. It was a 1hr 15 min sharing on strategies and pedagogies on the teaching of creative-writing in the classroom setting. The title of the sharing session was, Teaching Creative Writing Effectively (in Tamil). The sharing incorporated the use of drama techniques and graphic organisers in the teaching of creative writing in our Tamil language classrooms. Our Principal, Mrs Lynda Soh was also present at the Sharing Session to render her moral support to the teachers.

The participants gave positive feedback at the end of the sharing as they said that they had many useful takeaways which they can use in their own classrooms. It was heart-warming to receive such positive feedback as it reaffirms the hard work and effort invested by our teachers in coming forward to share their best teaching practices.



Creative Writing Workshop 2013 @ AST (Re-run) 
The teachers from the Tamil Department conducted a rerun of the workshop which they conducted in 2012.The workshop was held on Tuesday, 23 April 2013 at Academy of Singapore Teachers(AST) from 2.30pm to 5.30pm. The title of the workshop was, ‘Ways to Boost Teaching Skills on Creative Writing’. Teachers fine-tuned some aspects of the workshop based on feedback given by the participants in 2012. For example, test results (SA1/SA2) were shown to show the impact of the strategies and writing tools used in the delivery of the lessons. 

The workshop included sharing of strategies and pedagogies on the teaching of creative-writing as well as hands-on sessions. The participants found the hands-on sessions useful as they had an opportunity to put in practice what they had learnt during the workshop. 

This, in turn, will adequately equip them with the knowledge and experience to carry out creative writing lessons effectively in their own classrooms. 


Workshop on Newsreading 2012 
The Tamil department organized an enrichment for the Indian pupils from Primary 3 to 5. The workshop was titled, ‘News Reporting Workshop’. It was conducted on Friday, 31 August 2012 from 2pm to 5pm by Claritex International Pte Ltd. 

The aims of this workshop are to improve pupils writing and presentation skills. Using the Tamil Language in a fun and non-threatening environment will help to boost pupils’ confidence. From the feedback gained from pupils, it was evident that they enjoyed the workshop and had fun using the language as a means of communication. 


Immersion trip to Chennai, India 2012 

On 10 June to 15 June 2012, our Tamil department together with three other schools in our cluster, organized an Immersion trip to Chennai. The schools that came on board on this maiden W4 Cluster Immersion trip were Lianhua Primary School, St Anthony’s Primary School, Bukit Timah Primary School and Princess Elizabeth Primary School. 

The objectives of this trip were: 

  1. To develop a deeper understanding and appreciation of Indian Culture, values, historical and geographical features,
  2. To motivate and enhance language learning beyond the classroom.
  3. To develop independence, adaptability and inculcate team spirit and endurance amongst the pupils.
  4. To have collaborative cultural exchanges and direct interaction between our pupils and pupils of the local schools so as to broaden their vision and knowledge.

Our Tamil Co-ordinator, Mdm Suba brought 5 pupils from Primary 4 and 5 on this trip. The trip consisted of school visit to Velammal Vidyalaya School and to other places of interest such as Dakshina chitra and Valluvar Kottam. The team also made a village tour to Tirupporur Tirugaore Village where pupils had the experienced the true essence of traditional Indian culture and way of living. A visit to Bishop Aellen Children’s Home was made where our pupils presented the children with gifts and goody bags packed from Singapore. 

Our pupils were awed by the invaluable experience gained during this trip. It was indeed an eye-opener for them. The school hopes to collaborate with W4 Cluster schools to make the Immersion trip an annual affair. 


Tamil Forum 2012 

Our P5 and P6 Indian pupils, together with Mdm Suba and Mdm Nazima attended a Tamil Language forum on Saturday, 21 April 2012 at MDIS. The forum was well-received by our pupils as they gained many insightful take-away from the inspirational speakers on how Tamil language has helped to shape their lives. The panel of speakers includes Dr Vikram Nair, who is one of our Members of Parliament. A few of our pupils asked thought-provoking questions during the Q&A session. They were awarded with vouchers for their effort. 



W4 Cluster Sharing of Best paractices 2012 

On13 March 2012, the teachers from our Tamil department, Mdm Suba,Mdm Nazima and Mrs Jesu did a sharing on ‘Effective teaching of Comprehension via graphic organizers’ at Princess Elizabeth Primary School.The teachers tried out the strategies in classroom teaching and found them to be effective. Hence, the department decided to do a sharing with the other teachers in the cluster schools. Teachers from the other schools in the cluster also did sharing on their best practices. The session was definitely informative and beneficial to the teachers as there were many useful take- aways. Mrs Jesu shared that she learnt a lot from the sharing by the other teachers from our cluster. It is beyond doubt, a good platform for the teachers to share and grow professionally.