What's Up@LH

Young Exploring Scientists! Programme (YES! Programme)

Science Department has designed a special programme, YES! Programme, to enrich our pupils’ learning beyond the textbook. The pupils venture out of the classroom and extend their learning with application.

This term, Learning Attractions, namely the Oasis of Gratitude, Fish-breeding and Indoor Hydroponics, are open for the pupils, with tasks for them to complete. Each pupil is given a YES! Passport for them to collect stamps which will be awarded when the task is completed.

Through this programme, they discover that Science is around them, find joy in learning and build their confidence. Some tasks include finding out more of the organisms in the Oasis of Gratitude, devising ways to measure the perimeter of the pond, observing how fish behave when they reproduce, investigating how plants can grow without soil and igniting the entrepreneurship in them when they market their crops!