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Chinese Dance


The Lianhua Chinese Dance has been around for about 20 years and aims to provide a tactile experience for students to be engaged in fun dance training and to encompass learning in a creative way. An appreciation for the aesthetics, help students understands the cultural significance behind cultural dances and elements. Students also develop better motor skills and showmanship through dance and movements.

We continue to challenge our dancers with varied dance techniques and different dance forms to attain greater heights of performance. Members will be given opportunities to display their talents through various school concerts, community events held by the Grassroots Organisation (e.g. Chinese New Year celebrations) and competitions. To date, the Lianhua Chinese Dance has achieved good results at the SYF Dance competitions.


Singapore Youth Festival (SYF) –
Arts Presentation For Dance (Chinese)
Certificate of Accomplishment
Singapore Youth Festival (SYF) –
Arts Presentation For Dance (Chinese)
Certificate of Distinction

Tan Si Xuan - Primary 6 2019
Through these years of being in the Chinese Dance CCA, I learnt the values o resilience and teamwork when we were learning the dance steps, there would be some difficulties faced; however, i do not give up and continue till the end. For a performance to be better, there must be good teamwork for the member to work together and cooperate.During dance practices, we work in groups and when one of us forgot the dance steps or absent, we would help each other to remember the steps. When my friends and I worked together, we we developed strong bonds of friendship and became closer. Chinese dance CCA has enabled me to learn more and improve more.

Lim Li Wen - Primary 6 2019
Through these 5 years in Chinese Dance, I've learnt many things that shaped me to become a better person -- teamwork, resilience, self-discipline, respect, diligence, dignity and excellence .Striving to achieve your goal is not impossible. Focus, and you'll see that soon you will be working towards it. I went through hardships with my other friends whom helped me in things that I would have never done by myself.
They are -- Amelia, Sixuan and Xin Yue. THey kept cheering me on whenever I fell down, cheer me up whenever I was down. I'll never be able to forget the friendship we had.Now although I'm studying for my PSLE, I still think about Chinese Dance-- how it has made me change for the better and the friends i've made there.
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