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Student Management



At Lianhua Primary School, we believe that every child has the potential to become a leader, so every student is given the opportunity to become a leader to develop his or her leadership qualities and skills. Various platforms are provided for our students to initiate, organise and manage events and projects. By designing experiences using the LHPS Student Experience Framework, we work towards empowering our student leaders in their roles and responsibilities.


Key Feature

  • Student Leaders’ Training
  • At Lianhua, the training for our student leaders is conducted by our own teachers. We believe that the training content and structure should be customised to the different needs of our student leaders. The training structure is weaved into the school year, to provide student leaders with regular sessions of training. This aligns with various voluntary projects that are carried out through the year which provides the student leaders with the opportunities to put what they have learnt into practice.

image2.jpgNothing beats authentic learning with the seniors!

Major Programmes

Student Leaders’ Camp

The one-day camp is carried out by our teachers to provide student leaders with a day of targeted and focused learning on different leadership skills i.e. conflict management, public speaking, project planning. The needs of the student leaders are assessed at the start of the year and the training content caters to their learning needs.

image5.jpgLearning skills beyond the classroom


Being able to work in teams is very important!

image7.jpgBuilding confidence in our student leaders to speak in front of others

Student-Initiated Projects

Our student leaders are given opportunities to propose and plan projects to make a difference to the class, school or community. This is in line with our school mission, Hearts of Service, and it encourages them to start small and understand that no effort is too small.

image6.jpgCollecting old shoes for a good cause


Reaching out to the elderlies in our community


Heart work!