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Running Blind - Running Hour Project

Natarajan Anitha Piraviniesvar - Primary 5
Running Hour was a good opportunity for me to help others. In my interaction with the visually impaired, I learnt to be compassionate and not think lowly of them. Not being able to see, and yet being able to fun such long distances is amazing. After we did some warm ups together, we jogged together with the group of visually impaired runners to the Nature Park near our school. I was tired during the run, but seeing the visually impaired run motivated me to keep going.

Ankit Rathi – Primary 5 I joined Running Hour because I wanted to have the opportunity to learn about the visually impaired people and it we meet them, how we can help them. Also because these people do not get to enjoy what they like to do on their own – running. So, I really wanted to help them to run and make them happy. I learnt that the visually impaired can be partially or fully blind. One way to let them know where to go is by using the numbers on the clock face, like move in the 3 o’clock direction; and that we should always gently hold them by their elbow. I felt really happy when I saw the smiles on their faces. Making others happy, makes me happy.