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YES! to Nature

Chong Yu Han Denise – Primary 3
I became a Nature Guide for the YES! Programme because I love nature and enjoy being in the garden. I want to share my love with my friends. I feel good being a Nature Guide and enjoy being a leader during the activity. I am proud that I am able to help many schoolmates learn more about our garden and the frogs in the frog enclosure. As I spend more time in the garden, it reminds me of my hometown which is surrounded by nature. I hope more of my friends will volunteer to be a Nature Guide like me. The most difficult part is to encourage some of my friends to spend their recess time learning, rather than playing, but I persevered.

Ng Yu Shuang – Primary 6
I wanted to help my school mates learn new things about their surroundings. At the same time, as a Nature Guide, I can also enrich my own knowledge when I learn more about the plants and animals around my school. I learnt how to be a “teacher” teaching my school mates during the YES! Programme. I love seeing their reactions when they discover new things. It makes me feel proud to see their “Oo…I get it” reactions. The part I enjoy most is the peace I observe in the garden. I know that many students do not want to become a Nature Guide as they have to give them recess play time on Thursdays when the programme is on, but they surely do not know what they are missing.

Ruby Min Xuan – Primary 6 
I like nature and I want to help my friends in the school to do different activities around the school. I want the others to know that Science is fun and can be learnt through outdoor activities. We get to explore and learn about the different attractions. I have personally benefitted the most from the Fish Breeding programme where I learnt how to take care of the fish we adopted in the class. That’s why I volunteered to be a Nature Guide. As part of the training to become a Nature Guide, I learnt to problem solve using different ways. I learnt to be flexible in my thinking and to always keep an open mind. I feel proud being a Nature Guide as I have helped my friends complete the learning tasks assigned at the different locations. It is rewarding to see them learn more Science knowledge.