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Lian Wah Public Library

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After the war in 1945, there was an urgent need to set up a school to meet the needs of the local children and cultivate talents. In view of this, a group of like-minded entrepreneurs who had a passion for education got together and with much hard work, founded the Lian Wah Public School on January 14, 1946 with an enrolment of more than 200 students.

The Lian Wah Library was then established on July 5,1947, with the aims of further enhancing the bonds between the staff, developing our culture and education, and promoting national social welfare undertakings.

As the members and staff are both members of the Board of Directors of Lian Wah Public School and the teaching staff of Lian Wah Public School, all social affairs activities were in line with the prevailing national policies of the era. In addition, the Library also provided financial resources and additional manpower for Lian Wah Public School.

In 1999, under the guidance of Mr. Zhong Lian Cheng (钟连城 PBM), deputy secretary of Lian Wah Library, Lianhua Primary School and Kunshan International School in Kunshan City, Jiangsu Province, China, conducted cultural exchange activities. This was in alignment with the original purpose of the library to develop our culture by facilitating an exchange of ideas between schools.

In 2007, Lian Wah Library colleagues and teachers and students of Lianhua Primary School co-hosted the Mid-Autumn Festival Gala. Lian Wah Library also funded and sponsored the cultural exchange and immersion programme between Lianhua Primary School and its sister school, Yunnan Normal University, in China. The late President, Chen Qi Yi (陈齐怡 PPA PBM), also inscribed the Chinese name of the school, 联华小学, on the walls of the main school building.

In 2008, Lian Wah Library continued to maintain ties with Lianhua Primary by sponsoring the installment of a pair of statues, a male student and female student of the Lian Wah Public School, at the main entrance of the school.

Lian Wah Library Scholarship

Lianhua Primary School has been recognising students who are exemplary in character and have demonstrated outstanding leadership skills in their service to the school and community. This achievement was embodied through the Student of the Year award.

To commemorate the 75th anniversary of our founding and to remember the rich history we have with the Lian Wah Library, from the year 2021, the Student of the Year awards was replaced by the Lianhua Star Award - Lian Wah Library Scholarship. This award is sponsored by the Lian Wah Library and acknowledges the efforts and achievements of our students in both the academic and non-academic spheres. It also aims to spur our students to excel holistically and to contribute actively to the community as useful citizens of our society.

The award will be presented to two members from the graduating cohort, a boy and a girl, who have met the following criteria:

    1. are exemplary in their conduct and are role models to their peers
    2. show a strong commitment and drive to demonstrate school values through their actions
    3. care for others and make a difference to the people around them
    4. embrace the spirit of volunteerism and play an active part in influencing their peers to do likewise
    5. perform consistently in all academic subjects, including PE, Arts and Music
    6. participate actively in co-curricular activities

We hope this award will inspire and motivate our students to learn and become citizens with sound values and a firm commitment to serve their community. In addition, we hope this award will serve to strengthen this bond that we have with an association that was so significant in the founding and development of this school