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Principal's Message

2021 has been a year like no other. Even though the school community was tested and challenged by COVID-19 to the full, it was still a wonderful and productive one for us. Lianhua Primary celebrated her 75th anniversary and even broke a record in the Singapore Book of Records in the process! Not only did we weather the storm together, but we continued to make precious memories, progress and overcome obstacles. Despite the pandemic, we still learned many lessons about life, our school and even ourselves. For this, we can take courage and feel proud.

On this journey, our values, priorities, resilience and empathy were heightened and this was a positive change for us all. I am incredibly proud of and impressed with the attitude exhibited by our school community, where members came together in mutual support throughout this crisis. We saw students, at every step of the way, readily accepting, adapting and overcoming obstacles and disruptions to their daily routines. Likewise, our members of staff arose to be creative, flexible and determined to provide the best learning experience for our students. Even our wonderful parents supported us to the hilt – showing much support, understanding and patience as we wrestled with uncertainties.

It is this flourishing partnership between students, teachers and parents that truly energises a school to plan and implement more innovative and engaging programmes. This is important as we face a rising tide of challenges. I am happy to note that Lianhua Primary is well-prepared to take on these challenges. The school’s mission ‘Together we bring out the best in every child for a better nation’ encourages all to be engaged in a healthy pursuit of excellence, to make every effort to progress and improve, leading to one’s personal best in all endeavours.

I am confident that our students are well-poised to meet the challenges ahead with the values, skills and dispositions imbued through daily enriching learning experiences at Lianhua Primary. Here, our school’s 8 values of Loyalty, Honesty, Compassion, Diligence, Excellence, Unity, Resilience and Self-Discipline serve as an unchanging moral compass that scaffold and guide students no matter what lies ahead.

To the students of Lianhua, thank you for your hard work throughout the year. I am so honored to be your principal; you make me proud to be part of the LHPS family. You bring me much joy and I am enthralled by your passions, astute insights and amazing talents. To our parents, partners and wider school community, thank you for being part of our journey, for your faith in the school and for your continual support and encouragement. I wish you every success and good health in the year ahead.

Ms Pamela Kiew