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Minds of Inquiry Joy in Learning Hearts of Service Confidence in Life
Minds of Inquiry
Students acquire new knowledge through critial thinking, problem solving and collaboration.
Joy in Learning
Students learn through play by exploring, discovering and sharing their knowledge.
Hearts of Service
Students serve others and the community with humility and purpose to make a difference in lives.
Confidence in Life
Students engage others with confidence as they develop awareness of their own strengths and aspirations
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at Lianhua

  • Play
    I explore and discover through play. I acquire new knowledge, skills and attitudes needed to grow and develop holistically
  • Passion
    I am driven by passion. I am curious about things around me and I actively seek improvement and growth in these areas
  • Purpose
    I serve with purpose. I use my skills and talents to uplift others so that we live, grow and advance as a community

Here at
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