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Songs Hub


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WeCompose” refers to the songs composed by students and teachers. Pertaining to the craft of songwriting, the flagship music signature programme in Lianhua Primary School, the students are being taught the rudiments of pop songwriting to come up with their own songs. Our young budding songwriters are given the opportunities to write, perform and record their own songs, and it is hoped that this will provide them with a wonderful and memorable experience.. 


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‘WeSing’ are tunes that are selected for the whole school to learn and sing. Aspire to be ‘a singing school’; singing is infused as part of school’s culture and it plays an important part of our students’ school life. 


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'WePerform’ consists of the video-recordings of performing items put up by pupils, E.G. singing, dancing or playing of a musical instrument during recess - “Showtime!”,
pre-assembly or assembly, P1 dance and drama and snippets of music lessons.