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National On-The-Spot Story-Writing Competition for Primary School and Secondary Schools 2013

Two of our students, Mah Shirley (5 Amethyst) and Grace Gao (5 Diamond) represented our school to participate in the “National On-The-Spot Story-Writing Competition for Primary School and Secondary Schools” which was held on 8 March 2013. 

This competition is jointly organised by Anglican High School, Lianhe Wanbao (Singapore Press Holdings Limited) and Lingzi Media Pte Limited.

Into its 9th year now, the competition continues to garner strong and enthusiastic support from the primary and secondary schools where 73 primary schools and 43 secondary schools participated in this year’s competition. 

It is our pleasure to inform you that Shirley has done us proud by clinching the 3rd prize in the Primary School category, and her winning entry has been published in the book "我们的故事 (Our Story)" comprising of the top 15 entries from this year’s competition.

Grace has been presented with a certificate of participation and the book mentioned above. 


Yunan Immersion Group Visit 2013 

For this year's School Twinning Programme, 20 pupils and 6 teachers from the Primary School Attached to Yunnan Normal University visited our school from 17 to 19 Jul 2013. 

With the emphasis on developing 21st Century Competencies (21CC) in our pupils and the recognition that schools' Internationalisation efforts can strongly support the Desired Outcomes of Education, it is hoped that the twinning programme would benefit our pupils and teachers in ways more than one. 

The artpiece in the photo entitled "Hand-in-Hand (心心相印)" is the twinning art creation done by Yunnan pupils and their buddies during their stay with us, with the use of palm prints. They also designed bookmarks using their fingerprints, as gifts to each other. 

The rest of the pictures depict the interaction and activities during their stay with us. 


Day 2 : 

Besides joining the buddies for lessons, Yunnan pupils also attended a Racial Harmony Fun Crafts workshop, conductly jointly by our teachers and Parent Volunteers. They learnt about how Singapore's RH Day came about, and had hands-on experience with Garland-making and Ketupat weaving. 

On the other hand, one of the Yunnan teachers, Ms Liu, delivered a highly engaging and interesting Chinese lesson for our P3CL1 pupils. 

 yunan9.jpeg yunan10.jpeg

Day 3 :

The Yunnan pupils gave their best during the RH-cum-Farewell Concert programme as they see it as a thank-you gift to us. 

They joined in some of the RH recess activities and also toured our school's art gallery. 

 yunan14.jpeg yunan15.jpeg


School Twinning Programme: Immersion-cum-Cultural Exchange
Lianhua Primary School has established an overseas partnership with our twinning school, The Primary School Attached to Yunnan Normal University (YNSDFX), since 2006 as part of our efforts to develop in our pupils the 21CC of global awareness and cross-cultural skills and sensitivities and to deepen their commitment and rootedness to Singapore.