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Values in Action

Green Wave 2013

On 22nd of May 2013, Mrs Soh, Principal, along with our Junior Environmental Ambassadors and Mdm Nazima, watered the endangered tree, Gnetum gnemon that is planted in our school compound. This special tree was planted in our school 3 years ago during the commemoration of Green Wave in 2010. This project is called the Green Wave and our school is part of a symbolic 'wave' that had travelled from the east to west around the world to come together to protect endangered plant species.

Lianhua did not stop at planting an endangered tree in our school compound. Pupils are also educated on the planting and caring of this special tree. For example, P2 pupils take turns to tend to the endangered tree as part of their PAL & VIA activity.

Gnetum gnemon is a tree which can grow in full sun as well as shade. The hardy tree can tolerate several months of drought as it has the ability to retain soil moisture. As it is able to adapt itself to the various conditions to survive and grow, our pupils are taught to be strong and adaptable like the Gnetum gnemon.

The rooting habit of the tree is such that it is deeply rooted with a particular strong taproot. This quality of being deeply rooted is closely related to our school motto ‘Loyalty and Honesty’.

This tree is indeed special to Lianhua!



This year marks the 5th year of our school’s active participation in the SPD Charity Hongbao Drive to remember the needy during our festive celebrations. Our school carried out the Charity Hongbao donation drive in January 2013 with the Society for the Physically Disabled (SPD).

The objective of whole school participation in the SPD Charity Hongbao drive is to create a platform for the school to instill the school core values of empathy (being sensitive to the needs of others) and teamwork (working together harmoniously to achieve a common goal).

Donations raised will help fund SPD’s holistic range of programmes and services which are tailored to enable and equip them towards a better well-being and achieving their goals in integrating into mainstream society.

It is our great honour to announce that we had come in as the 3rd top collector for 2013. We raised a total amount of $6044.80! This year’s collection has also exceeded the amount the school had collected last year ($5821.95).

The school would like to thank all parents, staff and students for the spirit of giving and for coming together to support a good cause.

At Lianhua, we aspire to produce pupils who will be socially responsible towards the community. We want them to learn the value of service and develop lasting friendships with one another by actively participating in community service.

We aspire to produce pupils who will be socially responsible towards the community.
  • Family, Society & Country
  • Green Environment, the plants and trees
  • Animals

We want them to learn the value of service and develop lasting friendships (Foster bonding beyond race, background and school) with one another by actively participating in community service.

Pupils take part in annual donation drives and these funds are channeled to non-profit organisations that need help. Lianhua has been working with Society for Physically Disabled (SPD) and Community Chest for many years. As ‘Empathy’ is one of our SMARTER values, pupils are reminded to empathize and feel for the less fortunate while donating.

We are glad to observe an upward trend in the participation rate of our school pupils. It is heartwarming to know that it has been increasing and improving over the last 3 years. In 2010, it 83.5% of our pupils had made a contribution to the charity drive. Last year, it made a considerable improvement to 92.5%. And this year, we had attained a participation rate of 96.5%. We look forward to a full 100% participation from our pupils in the years to come and believe that it is achievable.

The lower primary pupils go through the structure of caring for the physical environment which consists of the green environment and the animals.

VIA Themes for P1-P3 pupils
P1- Water Conservation
P2- Caring for Plants and Trees
P3- Caring for Animals
P4 & P5 pupils have been embarking on the project ‘United We Learn’ project. They read up on particular science topics and then tutor by sharing the concepts read. They also share the experiments pertaining to the particular topics. In this way, pupils at the receiving end benefit and by sharing, concepts are reiterated allowing them to remember them better.

P6 pupils will do a research on the harmful effects of certain habits that can cause damage to the earth and the alternate solutions of doing certain things so as to be more earth friendly. This will be done as a post PSLE activity.