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Science Club

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Purposes of Cool Science Club

At Cool Science Club, our members are encouraged to be curious about their world. We want them to ask why things happen and find out how things work. As good scientists, we learn to make observations, ask questions and do research work in the process of searching for the answers to the many questions we encounter in our daily lives. By doing research and gathering evidence through experiments, we also learn how to communicate our findings through data and results. We hope to continue to cultivate our members’ abilities to make contributions and positively impact the community around them.


Life Science

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Exploring the Science Garden
Plant Tissue 2.JPG
Plant Tissue Culturing experience
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Data collection and results tabulation

Members go beyond what they have learnt in the textbooks and classrooms. They get to explore and discover the nature around them. Besides learning more about the flora and fauna around them, we also expose our members to plant tissue culture.

Physical Science

Ice 13.JPG
Making ice cream @ Science Centre
Optical 2.JPG
Optical illusion photo challenge
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Having fun with static electricity

Physical Science is not boring--not when we can conduct a range of experiments involving sound, rainbows, static electricity and optical illusions on campus. In addition, we had excursions to the Science Centre to learn how to make ice cream and launch rockets! There is no limit to the number of things that we can learn by just being curious about how things around us work!

Promotion of CCA Video

P1 CCAs Experiences

Due to Covid-19 and abiding by the safety measures management guidelines, the P1 CCAs Experience is conducted online. Club Chairperson – Kowsik and Vice Chairperson – Shine will promote what we do at Cool Science Club with the things we have learnt and the fun we have had in our weekly Friday sessions.

Students' Voices


Primary 5 2021

I am the club’s chairperson and have been in the CCA since I was in Primary 3. I have had fun attending the Cool Science Club activities for the past few years. My most memorable activity was the Paper Plane Flying Competition. Though folding paper aeroplanes seems an easy feat, there are many science concepts involved. The forces acting on the plane when it is flying and also the way we fold the plane affect the plane’s ability to fly a longer distance or to stay aloft in the air for a longer period of time. I had a lot of fun folding, flying the plane and most importantly, I learnt new Science concepts through the activity.


Primary 5 2021

I have joined the club as my CCA since Primary 3. Besides taking part in the club activities, I was also given the opportunity to take part in a collaborative research programme with NUS. I remember having to wear devices to record data like my daily steps and the air quality. Even information on the amount of light and sound was also recorded. It was truly an interesting experience. The CCA session that I liked most was the bubble blowing activity. We learnt how to make our bubbles last longer without bursting, blowing the biggest bubble and even blowing a bubble inside a bubble. Imagine that! The activities that we engaged in have truly broadened my horizons and to learn more about the world around me in an interesting manner!

The Team

Mdm Ruth Lai.jpg
Mdm Ruth Lai
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Ms Elizabeth Wok
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Mrs Brenda Sin

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Mrs Monis

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Mrs Dayana

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Mrs Masrini