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Lianhua Boys and Girls Scouts.
The Lianhua’s Cub Scout programme consists of three elements, namely, Scout Skills, Adventure Time and Community Service.

Some of the interesting activities are highlighted here:
Scout Skills – Pitching Tents, Outdoor Field Cooking and Map Reading.
Adventure Time – Producing Fresh Water by distillation and Tracking activities.
Community Service – Packing of groceries (together with our School Prefects) for the residence around our community.
Others – Self-reflecting expression through artwork, National Day flag raising and Marching.

Each Cub Scout aims for the three progress badges which comprise 3 segments. They are the Bronze Arrow, Silver Arrow and Gold Arrow. The highest award is the Akela Award. Our Lianhua Cub Scouts are exposed to ample opportunities to learn, strive and practice values such as Compassion, Diligence, Unity, Loyalty, Honesty, Resilience and Excellence.

Our Scout teachers regularly attend courses and meetings conducted by the Singapore Scouts Association to learn Scout skills such as outdoor cooking lesson, and we also collaborate with teachers of other schools so as to teach, facilitate and lead our Cub Scouts better.

Trend – We are trending towards more HBL (Home-based Learning) sessions. Some of the eCCA highlights are, Good Deed Day Project (VDD) and Virtual Hiking. In the VDD project, Scouts submitted good deeds, such as maintaining household cleanliness, supporting friends among many others. The Scouts went for Virtual Hiking, gave feedback on what suitable attire to wear during hiking for example. All these are done via platforms such as the SLS, Padlets, Zoom, Filmorago and many more in the future.

Self-reflection through Artwork.jpg
Groceries for the people.jpg
Groceries for the people.

Pitching Tents.jpg
Pitching Tents
Scout Skills - Map Reading (Theory).jpg
Map Reading (Theory)

Learn To March.jpg
Scout Leaders sort, pack, distribute unforms for jnrs.(1).jpg
Seniors sorted, packed and distributed
uniforms to Juniors.

ND Flag Raising Rehearsal.jpg
ND flag raising rehearsal
Teacher attended  cooking lesson.jpg
Teacher attended outdoor
cooking lesson

Good Deed Day Project.jpeg Tidy up sister_s rm (HBL).jpg
Cub Scout tidied up his sister’s room (HBL)
Teacher brought Cub Scouts for a Virtual Hiking video session HBL.jpg
Teacher brought Cub Scouts for a
Virtual Hiking video session (HBL)

From Scout Teachers!

Hassan Mohideen (2nd IC)
Mohammad Faizal
Samantha Lee (Scout Advisor)
Siti Aishah
Zainul Shaffee (IC)
Rachel Ang