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Art & Crafts Club

Art  Crafts Club.jpg
Our Art Club session in progress.

The Lianhua Art Club aims to provide opportunities for budding artists to explore creativity through 2D and 3D art in an array of visual art media and forms. Members have participated and clinched awards in various competitions (e.g. Singapore Youth Art Festival 2021. Our Category A artwork received the Special Mention Award. They share their passion with the school and the community at large to promote the beauty of Art. Exploration also extends beyond the classroom setting, where students develop a deeper appreciation for the Arts through engagements with the surroundings as well contributing their art work to the community through PAssionArts collaboration for this year's National Day celebration creating Nagomi Art.

SYF 2021

Singapore Youth Festival 2021
Our school participated in the SYF Art competition this year and submitted artwork for three categories. It is our great pleasure to announce that our category A artwork clinched the Special Mention Award. Students and teachers in the group worked hand in hand to create the 3-Dimensional Artwork that captured the judges’ attention. Based on the theme, “No Tech No life” our students experienced using different materials to create a beautiful sculpture. Well done!

SYF 2021_1.jpg
Our Category A members in action.
SYF 2021_2.jpg
Our Category B team members handling the materials.
SYF 2021_3.jpg
Our P3 and P4 club members working on their artwork.
Training photos 3.jpg
Our Category C team working on their artwork.
SYF 2021_4.jpg
Our winning entry for Category A SYF Art Competition 2021.

National Day 2021 Nagomi Art

National Day Nagomi Art
Our Art Club members in P4 to P6 also took part in the Nagomi Art organized by the PAssionArts in collaboration with the Bukit Gombak Constituency and Hill View Community Club. Our students spent their Saturday afternoon creating beautiful Nagomi Art in conjunction with National Day 2021 celebrations.

NDP 2021 Nagomi Art.png


Singapore Youth Festival Art Competition – Category A(Special Mention)
"No Tech, No Life!"

Students’ Voices

Sebastian Tea Zhi Jun – 2 Diligence 2021
"SYF was very exciting as I can create lots of new art pieces from modelling clay and transforming them into human figures. I am so happy that my group artwork is selected for this year’s Special Mention. I am so proud of my teammates too.”

Liu Jianing – Primary 4 Unity 2021
"SYF was very fun. I learned teamwork as I shared materials with my friends and we worked well together making the sculpture."

Goh Shu En Amelia – 4 Resilience 2021
"As the team leader in my group, I feel happy about collaborating with my other team members, brainstorming sessions while experiencing the art-making process. I get to experience different art processes using different materials that I have not used before. It was so exciting and enriching.”

Julia Hui – 5 Diligence 2021
"SYF was very exciting as I could create lots of new art pieces based on the theme ‘Technology’. We worked in small groups to brainstorm for ideas and eventually created a giant I-Pad sculpture that looked fantastic.”

The Team

Mdm Lee Gim Fang.jpg
Mdm Lee Gim Fang (Advisor)
Mdm Azizah Bte Mohd Ali.jpg
Mdm Azizah Mohd Ali (Teacher i/c)
Ms Maggie Fong Pui Yi.jpg
Mdm Maggie Fong (2nd Teacher i/c)
Ms Chen Yimeng.jpg
Ms Vivian Chen
Ms Chua Yi Ling.jpg
Mrs Ho Yi Ling (2021)
Ms Chiong Liling Alena.jpg
Ms Alena Chion (wef July 2021)