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Indian Dance

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The Lianhua Indian Dance has been a part of the Performing Arts for about 15 years. It aims to inculcate the love and appreciation for the Indian dance forms.

It also aims to develop dance skills among students from diverse racial groups and at the same time, allow students to express themselves gracefully through classical, folk and contemporary dance movements. It fosters values such as self discipline, unity, resilience, diligence and compassion as students are challenged with various dance techniques and forms.

Major Programmes

Performances and competitions are great platforms for our dancers to showcase their capabilities and strengths in the performing arts. Students are exposed to National Competitions such as the Singapore Youth Festival (SYF) every two years. They are also given the opportunity to perform in school events (e.g. Deepavali and Prize Giving Ceremony) and public events organized by external organizations (e.g. Grassroots Organization).

Collaboration with Community

Bukit Gombak National Day Celebration

Students are provided with opportunities to perform at Grassroots events yearly. Students have performed at National Day Celebration events and other community events. Students train and perform with zeal. They enthralled the audience at public events with their agile and graceful movements.

ID NDD 17_56.jpg
Dancers adorned in makeup and vibrant, colourful costumes waiting for their turn to perform on stage.

ID NDD 17_63.jpg
Dancers captivate hearts with their graceful movements and poses.

ID NDD 17_69.jpg
Dancers performed the South Indian ‘Kolattam’ using sticks to a folk song.

Experiences beyond Lianhua

A Musical Treasure Hunt in the Land of Stories

Students performed at the school musical, ‘A Musical Treasure Hunt in the Land of Stories’ at Dulwich College. This was a unique experience dancing to an English song in contemporary style. Students also had the opportunity to dress up as witches to suit the lyrics and title of the item, ‘Witches’. They were thrilled to carry brooms and wear the witch hat, pretending to be a witch.

Singapore Youth Festival (SYF) – Arts Presentation For Dance (Indian)

Students are provided with the opportunity to perform at the Singapore Youth Festival (SYF) – Arts Presentation For Dance (Indian) every two years. Students eagerly anticipate performing on stage at UCC (University Cultural Centre). They prepare for it by training vigorously twice a week in school and attend a rehearsal at the venue as well. Students develop resilience and teamwork while preparing for the presentation.

Students with the trainer, teachers and parent volunteers before their performance.

SYF Indian Dance-1.jpg
SYF Indian Dance-2.jpg

Students gleefully performing with the ‘Kaavadi’ in their bright yellow costume to the folk dance.

Promotion of CCA Video

P1 CCA Experience video

Ventaka Ramani Krithika, the chairman of 2021 invites the P1 students to join the CCA.

70th Anniversary Celebration

Peacock Dance

Dancers were dressed as peacocks in vibrant blue with the peacock head. They held peacock feather prop as they danced gracefully like a peacock. The dancers were a sight to behold!

All dressed up for their item with beautiful eye make-up. Do you see the real peacock feathers on them?


The love for Indian Dance has influenced our students to continue with this passion in their post-primary education. Indian Dance CCA is definitely a CCA which any child could join to have fun and at the same time, acquire a beautiful and ancient art form experience.


Singapore Youth Festival (SYF) – Arts Presentation For Dance (Indian)
Certificate of Accomplishment
Singapore Youth Festival (SYF) – Arts Presentation For Dance (Indian)
Certificate of Accomplishment

Students' Voices

Dharmendiran Janani - P6 Unity 2020

I joined Indian dance in P1 as my teacher gave me the option to join if I was interested. I am glad that I took up the opportunity to join Indian dance as the experience has taught me much. Initially it was difficult to blend in the CCA as it was unfamiliar to me. However the teachers were very kind to me and helped me overcome my fears. My friend Harini also joined the same CCA as me. We sometimes spent time together discussing CCA. Indian Dance CCA was extremely engaging as we learnt new things and also attended competitions.

I was the vice- chairperson of Indian Dance CCA during my last two years in Lianhua. I was proud to serve as a Vice- Chairperson. It was an amazing experience together with Harini, who was the chairperson. I had a great time leading the CCA. It was a very enriching experience as it taught us both how to be a good role model so that the others can learn from us. We also participated in SYF competitions and it gave us a boost of confidence.

I have learnt many Indian folk dance movements from the instructor. During practice sessions, my peers are compassionate and we teach each other if we struggle with dance steps. Although preparation for SYF is intensive, I enjoy participating and performing on the stage. In 2019, I participated in the school musical. I performed to a school composed song, ‘Witches’ where I had the opportunity to dress as a witch.

The Teachers were also very supportive and taught us alot. Overall it was a good and very fun experience. I recommend students to join Indian Dance. I strongly assure you that your journey with Indian Dance would be worth it.

Joviyaa Vaithinathan P6 Resilience 2021

I was very keen on dancing from the age of five. My interest and passion grew from the time I joined Indian dance CCA. I was in primary two, when I joined this CCA. My teachers and my seniors were very welcoming. When I joined my CCA, the senior group members were practicing for a Deepavali concert held at the end of the year. They were practicing hard. Since I was a novice to the group I was struggling with the steps; however, my seniors came forward to help me out. With their help I was very comfortable with my dance moves. On the day of performance, I was really nervous when I was performing, as it was my first time performing in front of an audience; however, the performance went smoothly and I had performed very well.

I performed in Lianhua Musical Treasure. The experience was great. We rehearsed the dance for months. We performed in Dulwich college. The stage was enormous and grand, it was a breathtaking experience to dance in front of more than one thousand people. After that performance, we performed in our school for Deepavali concerts. Then after some time, I was appointed as a chairman. Managing my juniors was the toughest part of my leadership. My senior CCA mates inspired me to be a responsible chairman. This is my last year in Lianhua Primary School, I know I have given my best.

Shanmugam Dhanyashree, P6 Compassion 2021

When I came to Lianhua Primary School, I was unsure of choosing a CCA for myself. Soon I had opportunities to expose myself to various CCAs in school. Then I realised that I have found the CCA which suits my passion and helps me pursue it. My passion is Indian dance and I joined Indian dance when I was in Primary One. My journey in these 6 years is heart whelming and memorable.

I remember my dance instructor teaching me the dance steps in which I encountered difficulties. She encouraged me not to give up and to be resilient and diligent at all times. Thanks to her, I am more comfortable and well-versed with Indian dance. During the Covid-19 pandemic, when everyone was on HBL, eCCAs were arranged for us despite the pandemic and my journey on pursuing my passion continued online.

I had many occasions such as SYF, Musical Treasure Hunt, Lianhua singing festival to showcase my passion and much more. These experiences taught me new dance steps and skills. Also, to be resilient and to stay united with my friends at all times. Though I did not have the opportunity to participate in SYF, I had a whale of time practising the dance with my teachers and friends. I had the opportunity to perform for Deepavali concert at school too. I am very thankful and pleased to be a part of this CCA.

Roshna P4 Unity 2021

When I first joined Indian dance, I was nervous that I would trip or not perform well. I was surprised to see most of my friends were there. The teacher was very kind and slowly guided me through the dance. My friends also helped me when I was struggling to learn some steps.

I was inspired to learn Indian dance when I was 8 years old. My friend showed me a dance which was very beautiful. I wanted to do something like that. In P3 I thought, why not join Indian dance? I was determined to do my best and get selected to go for SYF. I was selected for it and was in high spirits, but Covid-19 came along and SYF was cancelled. I hope I can still perform in other performances.
When I knew I was selected as a leader in Indian dance I was delighted and surprised and knew all my effort paid off. Even though I did not get to participate in SYF, I participated in other performances. The experience was great.

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