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Malay Dance

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Purpose of CCA

Malay Dance CCA in Lianhua Primary school aims to create an awareness in the cultural aspect of Malay Dance among students regardless of language and racial background. Here, students’ interest in performing arts can be developed and stretched, underpinned by the school values of Self-discipline, Resilience and Excellence. We believe that all students can achieve success in the interest they choose. At the end of their primary school years, our dancers would have gone through the experience of performing in and out of school and at least gone through one SYF competition. Our dancers also learn the importance of giving to the community through external performances.

Experiences(in school)

Malay dance students performed in Lianhua’s first ever outside school production, A Musical Treasure Hunt In the Land of Stories which was held in Dulwich College on 13 April 2019. The performers presented their items with open and fearless hearts which impressed the audience. Their dedication and passion towards the dance amazed everyone with their energy, enthusiasm and commitment.

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The Singapore Youth Festival competition is a much awaited event for our dancers. This is a bi-annual competition organized by the Ministry of Education to celebrate the achievements of youths in their co-curricular activities. It is usually held in April although preparations for the competition start as early as November in the previous year. Dancers are selected based on their readiness and the skills mastered for the choreographed dance.

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Collaboration with the community

In 2017, our Malay Dancers performed a dance item at a community club for the National Day celebration. The dancers were excited about their performance as it was a great opportunity for them to showcase their talent. Although they had to reach school by 6am to prepare their outfits and makeup, nevertheless, it was a wonderful and fruitful experience for the dancers.

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Promotion of CCA Video

P1 CCAs Experiences

The Covid19 situation is not hindering our efforts to recruit new members and to share our journey. In the following video, our Malay Dance leaders will highlight the experiences which every Malay Dance member goes through, the skills learnt and the friendships and memories made in Malay Dance CCA.


Singapore Youth Festival (Rehearsal only)

Singapore Youth Festival
Certificate of Participation

Students’ Voices

Qidran Najmi Bin Shahrin P6 Resilience
As a Malay Dance member, I've experienced many events such as the Singapore Youth Festival (SYF) in 2018. In my opinion, the SYF experience aided me to build my reputation as a student in Lianhua Primary. During the CCA lessons, I've learnt to be patient and optimistic. I was taught to stay strong and healthy by my instructors and teachers-in-charge, therefore I could do well in my studies and in my CCA. My most memorable moment was when I had taken part in an event that took place in Dulwich College. That event taught me a bunch of values. For example, to unite with other dancers in my school and create a better and more fascinating item that would mesmerise the audience.

Siti Khadijah Binte MD Shahril Aman P5 Diligence
In Malay Dance CCA, I learn many new things about my culture. My dance instructor often teaches us about the meaning behind the various dance steps in Malay Dance . It has been a wonderful experience in Malay Dance and I do not regret joining this CCA. I will not forget the memorable moments when we performed on stage for many events, be it a big or a small event. Throughout this journey, I learnt many new things about Malay dance which never fail to interest me.

Sophia Abigail Cabajes Abarico 5 Diligence
In Malay Dance I have learnt to be resilient and not give up even when the dance step is hard.My most memorable experience was when we performed to the song "Ugly Duckling" during our school’s Music Festival in 2018 at Dulwich International School. It was a very fun and enriching experience.

The Team

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(From Top Right)Mdm Norlieza Bte Ahmad, Mdm Rosnah Bte Rosman, Mdm Ramzaniah Bte Lateh and Mdm Norhayati Bte Ruhani.