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Modern Dance

Purpose of CCA

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Lianhua Modern Dance CCA aims to nurture and groom students, both boys and girls, to excel in the area of dance. Through Modern Dance, a platform is provided for students to perform their choreographed dance item which also instills in them the school values. We strive to ignite the passion for dance in young talents and ambitions for high standards of achievements in all activities and performances that we participate in.

Our dancers have participated in various competitions such as the Dance Works!, Environmental Dance Floor Competition and Strictly Jump Jam. As a result of their continued hard work, they have clinched awards and made the school proud.

Our dancers also perform in events and school concerts such as the 75th Anniversary celebration, Lianhua Singing Festival, annual prize giving day and community functions like the National Day Observance Ceremony held by the Grassroots Organisation.

Singing festival 2019

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Our dancers were involved in a dance item which was part of our school first ever outside school production, A Musical Treasure Hunt in the Land of Stories, which was held in Dulwich College on 13 April 2019. They put in a lot of effort and practiced hard for the performance. They put up an impressive performance which amazed everyone with their energy, enthusiasm and commitment.

Singapore Youth Festival (SYF) 2020 and 2018

The Singapore Youth Festival (SYF) is an annual event organised by the Ministry of Education to celebrate the achievements of our youths in their co-curricular activities (CCAs). Starting in March and culminating in a month-long celebration in July, the SYF will engage students from schools across Singapore involved in the performing arts, sports and uniformed group CCAs.

More than 30,000 students are expected to participate in the performances and activities in the SYF as well as events leading up to the SYF. The SYF reflects MOE's belief in the importance of a well-rounded education.

Modern Dance_syf 2018.jpeg
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Lianhua Primary School’s Modern dancers performed in the SYF in March 2018 and achieved the Accomplishment Award for the SYF 2018. They also prepared for the 2020 SYF performance. Unfortunately, the SYF 2020 was cancelled due to the Covid-19 situation in 2020. Nonetheless, we are proud of the commitment and efforts that our Modern Dancers have put in for both years.


Competition / Performances
75th Anniversary Dance Performance

Singapore Youth Festival (SYF) Rehearsal only– Actual Arts Presentation For Dance (Modern) cancelled due to Covid-19
Lianhua Singing Festival

Singapore Youth Festival (SYF) – Arts Presentation For Dance (Modern)
Certificate of Accomplishment
DANCEWORKS! 2018 Anti-Drug Dance Competition - #TheNextLitMoves
Best Outfit Award
National Day Observance Ceremony organised by Bukit Gombak National Day Organising Committee

DANCEWORKS! 2017 Anti-Drug Dance Competition – Life does not rewind
Most Supported team Award

Promotion of CCA Video

P1 CCAs Experiences

Due to Covid-19 and abiding the safety measures management, the P1 CCAs Experience is conducted online. Modern Dance CCA leaders, Jessy Yap, Phang Wei Xian, Catherine Cing and Aubrey would like to invite Modern Dance lovers from P1 to join us for our dance practices to master more dancing skills and enjoy dancing together.

Students' Voices

Aubrey, 5 Diligence 2021

When I first found out about Modern Dance, I decided to join as I enjoy dancing. Our instructor is very patient and teaches us easy steps to learn.

Although I make some mistakes, our instructor is still patient and helps me to get the steps. I like to practise dances that our instructor has taught us with my friends. My friends are also very patient and help me to learn the dance steps. From Modern Dance, I learn to be resilient and more compassionate.

My most memorable moment was when we were recording for our school’s 75th anniversary. We would practise the steps again when some of us forgot the dance steps. We showed unity, compassion and resilience. We encouraged each other to persevere and have energy as we were recording after school and had to dance under the hot sun.

Catherine Cing Nuam Dim, 5 Diligence 2021

I joined Modern Dance because I can get to learn the importance of movement and also keep fit. I feel proud that I get to play a part in bringing people together through dance when we perform for special events.

I enjoy coming for Modern Dance practices as dancing is fun and it makes me feel happy. Sometimes we get to express ourselves by coming up with short dance sequences on our own. I enjoy these segments as I get to develop my confidence and creativity.

My most memorable experience so far would be the Lianhua Singing Festival as it was my first performance on stage. It was a new venue outside school and there was a large audience watching us perform. We practised very hard in the weeks before the event but I had a lot of fun with my friends. We showed unity, compassion and resilience. We encouraged one another and worked together to perfect our dance steps.

Jessy Yap, P5 Compassion 2021

I joined Modern Dance as I had a passion for dancing. I also wanted to learn different styles of dances and to have more knowledge about dance.
I like dancing as it is a form of exercise and I enjoy dancing whether it’s with my friends or alone. Dancing makes me feel happy whenever I feel down.

The most memorable performance I did was when we shot a dance music video for our School’s 75th anniversary celebration. I had a lot of fun dancing with my friends and I learnt a lot. I learnt that we have to be resilient in whatever we do. It was a great experience and I wish that I will have more opportunities!

Phang Wei Xuan-P5 Compassion

The reason why I joined Modern Dance is because my passion is dancing. I have taken part in dance competitions for the past 5 years and gotten many medals and trophies. When Jessy told me about her CCA practices, I was amazed by the practices and how she enjoys dancing with her teachers and friends during lessons. So I asked her if i could join too. About 3 weeks later, I got the consent form. I was over the moon. I got back home happily and practised my dance techniques straight away.

Soon I got to make many friends in the class. I learned more techniques and choreographed dances with my team. It was such an enjoyable experience for me. I always look forward to Tuesdays as I can go for CCA.

During CCA, I learned more about the values of resilience, compassion, diligence and unity because we cannot give up during tough times. I could also get to care for people more often when they do not feel right. Now, I am the Vice-Chairman of Modern Dance CCA. I do not feel any regret for joining Modern Dance as all of my efforts have paid off.

Useful Links

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The Team

Mdm Lee Peir Chuang (Mrs Loke)
Mdm Tan Xiao Hui
Mdm Liu Chang
Mdm Ho Sheu Yun