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Boy and Girl Scouts


Lianhua Cub Scouts is the right CCA for boys and girls who want to be intellectually stimulated and physically engaged. Through Scouts activities, we hope to instill character, citizenship and leadership qualities in our cub scouts and develop them into adaptable individuals who are able to maintain harmonious relationship and make positive impact with others and be a contributing member of the school, society and community.

We provide our cub scouts with a lot of opportunities to work in teams and participate in outings, training programmes, VIA activities and camps. These exposure allows our cub scouts to earn a series of proficiency/progress badges and pick up basic Scouting skills such as tent pitching, first aid, foot drill, camp craft and knot tying.

Our cub scouts are also involved in camps organised by our district, as well as events in school like being the flag bearers during National Day Observance Ceremony and providing first aid during Sports Day.