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CCA Guidelines

  1.  The Character Development Programme was introduced by the Ministry of Education to promote character building in schools. In line with the Desired Outcomes of Education, the aims of the Character Development Programme are:- 
    a) To promote the character and leadership development of our pupils
    b) To inculcate national values and develop a sense of belonging to the nation 
    c) To equip pupils with skills and knowledge to enable them to lead a meaningful, purposeful and healthy life 
    d) To expose pupils to different disciplines and broaden their horizon 
    e) To complement the formal curriculum and CCA in achieving the desired outcomes of education

  2.  All Lianhuarians (from Primary Three to Six) are expected to participate in one CCA. While students are encouraged to pursue and specialise in one CCA, participation in a second CCA may be allowed if it is at school representation level.

  3. Primary 2 students will be given the opportunity to select their CCA at the end of the school term. They will go through the CCA Experience programme to identify their skills and talents for the respective CCA groups. Students are required to select up to 3 CCAs according to his/her preference from the list of CCAs offered by the school. They will be informed of their allocated CCA next year in Primary 3 through their Form Teachers and their CCA Teachers-in-Charge.

  4. Attendance at every CCA session is compulsory. Students must inform the CCA teacher-in-charge if they are unable to attend in advance. A medical certificate or letter from the parent/guardian must also be given to the CCA teacher-in-charge when the student returns to school, explaining his/her absence. Parents could also notify the school through the General Office in cases of emergencies.

  5. Students are strongly encouraged to stay with the CCA of his/her choice from Primary 3 to Primary 6. All request for change in CCA must be submitted to the CCA teacher, together with a parent’s letter and/or medical certificate (if applicable) stating why they are unable to continue with the current CCA’s activities. The CCA Teacher-in-Charge and the HOD of PE, Aesthetics & CCA will evaluate each request on a case-by-case basis.

  6. Students are to refer to the school’s CCA Notice Board for any announcements regarding CCA matters. If any CCA session is cancelled or postponed, CCA Teachers-in-Charge will notify students through letters and/or the CCA Notice Board.

  7. Proper attire is expected of members when attending their CCA sessions.