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Singapore Youth Science Fair 2014

Singapore Youth Science Fair aims to bring out the curiosity in the pupils, giving them the opportunity to conduct science investigations to ignite the flames in their inquisitive minds.

This biennial celebration of science learning is co-organised by the Science Teachers Association of Singapore and Science Centre Singapore in conjunction with the Singapore Science Festival.

3 teams from 4 Diamond submitted their projects and got into the finals. In addition to their report, they also had a media presentation done, put up displays of their project on their booth and shared their learning with the visitors.

Their projects aimed to:
1)Find out the effect of chillies on ants
2)Find out the effect of coloured water on plants
3)Find out the effect of electricity on the growth of plants

If you have mind-boggling questions and do not have any answers to them, why not conduct an investigation to find out for yourself! Be an inquirer! Love Science!