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Primary 3 Social Studies Learning Journey

The Primary 3 pupils went for their Social Studies Learning Journey on the 21st, 28th March and 4th, 11th, 18th April 2016 at the ENVision Gallery under the Ministry of the Environment and Water Resources (MEWR). The Learning Journey provides an opportunity for the pupils to find out more about Singapore’s environment journey from past to present. At the end of the visit, the pupils had learnt about the country’s environmental achievements for the past few decades as well as the current efforts toward environmental sustainability.

The pupils were amazed by the multi-sensory experience of the gallery as they took a journey through the five different zones covering the key environmental topics –air, land, water, energy, and public health. The 1.5hr guided tour provided an opportunity for the pupils to view and interact with the exhibits and at the same time to learn about Singapore’s environment. The pupils also received a "My Eco Passport” by MEWR as a complimentary educational activity booklet. The pupils really enjoyed the trip and they looked forward to bringing their parents to visit the gallery again.