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Primary 2 Social Studies Learning Journey

The Primary 2 students went for their Social Studies Learning Journey on the 13th, 21st and 24th February 2017 at the Singapore Philatelic Museum. The students went on a guided tour of the museum and were given the opportunity to understand and appreciate Singapore’s heritage through stamps. In this Learning Journey, the students discovered how stamps are miniature pieces of art that document the country's historical milestones, national achievements, inspirations and more. They also had the chance to design their own Singapore stamps. The students had lots of fun discovering about stamps and it was an enriching and purposeful trip for them.

Some reflections from our students:
Yixuan, 2 Excellence
“At the Singapore Philatelic Museum, we saw a lot of stamps of different sizes and designs. We even had the chance to make our own stamps. It was fun and exciting. We also managed to explore different stamp exhibitions in the museum. I enjoyed myself at the museum.”

Lan Chi, 2 Excellence
“I learnt about the different kinds of stamps during the visit. I also learnt about how Singapore was like in the olden days. I even got to try the wooden clocks and learnt more about them. At the end of the day, I had fun exploring and making stamps at the museum.”

Syaloom, 2 Loyalty
“I learnt that if I would want to send a letter overseas, I would need to use a stamp. I also managed to learn about the different stamps used in different countries. I enjoyed myself very much during the visit.”

Hoe Amelia, 2 Compassion
“When I went to the Singapore Philatelic Museum, I saw many stamps collection. From the stamps, I learnt about Singapore’s heritage, nature and the rest of the world. My favourite part of the learning journey was visiting the Harry Potter’s exhibition. I enjoyed the interactive station where I got to play with the magical wands. It was an educational trip for me.”

Emma Tan, 2 Unity
“When I went to the Stamp Museum, I managed to go to the Harry Potter’s exhibition. It was fun and exciting. I also enjoyed going to the Witch Exhibition Room. I was the only one in the group who bought some stamps from the gift shop. I felt very happy. I hope I could go to the stamp museum again.”

Qistisya, 2 Diligence
“The learning journey trip to the Singapore Philatelic Museum was fun. I learnt that the world’s first stamp was called the “Penny Black”. We also went egg hunting at the “Chicken and Egg” exhibition. I wish I could go there again.”