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Primary 3 Social Studies Learning Journey

The Primary 3 pupils went for their Social Studies Learning Journey on the 23rd and 30th March 2017 at the Land Transport Authority (LTA) Gallery. The Learning Journey provided an opportunity for the pupils to catch a glimpse of land transport systems in a major cities around the world as well as Singapore‘s own modes of transportation. Students learnt about the challenges and strategies made by LTA to meet with our future transport needs. They also entered the future and got a peek of what transportation landscape might be like in future. The students really enjoyed the trip as they were given a chance to have a go at being a transport planner through an interactive multi-player game and take a peek at the future transportation landscape. The students looked forward to visit the gallery again.

Some reflections from our students:
“During my visit to the LTA Gallery, I learnt about the different types of buses used during the olden days. There was a special bus named mosquito bus which was commonly seen on Singapore roads in the 1920s. It is a small, seven-seater motor bus which travels very fast. The most interesting part of the learning journey was being able to visit the Challenge Theatre where I got to become a transport planner.”
-Ellysha, 3 Excellence-

“What I learnt from the visit to the LTA Gallery was the value of resilience. The government had to face many stumbling blocks to fight against the pirate taxis in the past. The most enjoyable feature of the visit was the Challenge Theatre. I felt that I played a part in making important decisions for Singapore’s transport system.”
-Yulia Daramalinggam, 3 Compassion-

“During my visit, I learnt about the transport systems in the past. People did not have to use EZ-link cards when they board the buses. The buses were also not air-conditioned. Passengers were issued a little ticket by a red TransitLink machine after payment upon boarding the bus.”
-Qarissa, 3 Resilience-

“I learnt a lot during my visit to the LTA Gallery. I learnt about the public transport system in the past and how it is more convenient and environmental friendly to take a MRT or a public bus rather than taking a car. If there are too many cars on the road, there will be a lot of traffic congestion. My favourite part of the visit was viewing the exhibits and taking part in the Challenge Theatre. I got to take a look at how Singapore will be like in the future.”
-Jarren, 3 Diligence