What's Up@LH

Green School Programme in Lianhua Primary

In Lianhua Primary, every pupil plays an active part in saving the earth. As the school feels that it is important to inculcate in pupils good habits to protect the environment from young, all pupils from Primary 1 to Primary 6 are involved in the school environmental projects.

We focus on five main areas to become a “Green School”:
•A Litter-free school
•A Dengue-free school
•A school with clean, dry and sparkling toilets
•A school that promotes energy efficiency
•A school that promotes the 4 ‘R’s

Our school has been taking part in the Green Schools @ Southwest programme since 2008. For the Green Schools Award 2013, our school achieved the Sustain Achievement Award.

For the School Green Awards 2013, the school achieved the Orchid award.

Let us continue to work together to play our part in saving the earth.