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P4 Learning Journey to National Gallery Singapore Art – (Museum-based learning)

Our Primary 4 students embarked on a learning journey to National Gallery Singapore (NGS) as part of their core Museum-based Learning (MBL) in our school art curriculum. The students learned about Singapore’s past through the artworks by our Singapore Nanyang artists’ artworks such as “Self Portrait” by Georgette Chen, “Life by the River” by Liu Kang, “Here They Come!” by Koeh Sia Yong and “Samsui Women” by Chen Wen Hsi. Besides learning to observe the painting styles of the artists, the students were engaged in portrait drawing (self & friends) and acting as the characters within the paintings. This broadens their perspective by exploring the artistic expression and narrative aspect of the artworks. At the end of their learning journey, the students will consolidate their experiences in their art curriculum to explore, create and present artwork inspired by their museum learning.