What's Up@LH

Connecting People through Plank Art @ Lianhua Primary

A Joint Project with Bukit Gombak Community Arts and Culture Club

On 11 & 15 May, 150 enthusiastic students, alumni, staff, school leaders, parent volunteers and family members of different races and nationalities came together to bond and fellowship through Plank Art @ Lianhua. Everyone tapped on their creativity to brainstorm ideas to design and paint on animal die-cut planks. There were lions, giraffes and otters. It was indeed a fun and relaxing time of art-making! At the end of the plank painting, everyone was filled with pride and joy as they admired their masterpieces. These lovely planks would be displayed opposite Bukit Gombak MRT as part of the installation to commemorate PassionsArts Festival 2018. This marks another proud moment for Lianhua Primary School!

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