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National Junior Robotics Competition 2014

Our Robotics Club pupils participated in the Singapore National Junior Robotics Competition (NJRC) 2014 organised by the Singapore Science Centre and supported by the Ministry of Education, the Agency for Science Technology and Research (A*STAR). This competition promoted strategy building, teamwork and creativity among the student-participants. The competition spanned over a period of two weeks from 1st September to 12th September.

The Theme
Every year, the NJRC revolves around a specific theme and a challenge is revealed to the students only on the challenge announcement day. The theme for this year is ‘Space, The Final Frontier’.

After the challenge announcement in July, our pupils worked diligently on the various aspects of the competition revolving around the theme.

Apart from the building of robots, pupils also conducted research related to the theme given. They presented their findings to a panel of judges and also took and edited videos and pictures to share their learning experience. On top of that, pupils also decorated their booth based on the theme of the year and used their creativity to come up with innovative ideas to be an entrepreneur.

225 primary school teams participated in this exciting and rigorous competition. We are proud to share with you that our students had clinched 1st in the Sprint Race Side Event and 2nd in Booth Design Award.

The awards our pupils had clinched are as follows:

- 1st in Sprint Race Side Event
- 2nd in Booth Design Award