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Homework Policy

Purpose of Homework

There are several reasons homework is assigned:

(i) For Students
  • Reinforce learning and deepen understanding of lessons taught
  • Regularly practise, and apply skills and concepts taught
  • Develop good study skills and habits
  • Encourage greater ownership and responsibility for independent learning
(ii) For Teachers
  • Check for student understanding and progress, so as to provide timely feedback, intervention and support
  • Review effectiveness of lesson
(iii) For Parents
  • Receive timely information on the learning progress of their child
  • Opportunity to be involved in the child's learning

Guidelines on Homework

This is the suggested amount of time students should spend on their homework. Note that actual time taken might vary from student to student or the time of the school year.

P1 & P2 P3 & P4 P5 & P6
30 mins to 1 hour 1 hour to 1 hour 30 mins 1 hour 30 mins to 2 hours

Considerations when Assigning Homework

The amount of homework is determined by the teachers. If students have any concerns about homework, they are encouraged to share them with their teachers. Some homework considerations include:

The amount of homework could differ depending on the time of the term or from class to class.

  • On days where students stay in school for longer hours, less homework will be assigned.
  • The amount of homework could also be adjusted based on the level of difficulty.
  • Minimal homework will be given over a festive period.

Recording Of Homework

Teachers will write the homework for the day on the class whiteboard. All students are expected to record their homework in their Student Diary.