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Parent Support Group & Parent Volunteers


Purposes of Parent Support Group

Lianhua Primary School Parent Support Group(PSG) was formed by a group of parent volunteers who aims to create a positive relationship between the school and the parents. With the PSG vision of “ In unity,we care”, parent volunteers seeks opportunities to be part of school programs and events to care for the well-being of all students. With the PSG mission “ a pillar of strength working hand in hand with the school towards a better future”, parent volunteers support school in various activities and platforms, creating new learning experiences for all.

Our PSG has been true to their belief in making positive changes and building a culture of care in our school.



Bonding Sessions



PSG bonding sessions are organized on a termly basis to engage parents and promote bonding. Parent volunteers initiated and helped in the planning of the activities. Through the fun-filled activities, new friendships were formed, creating positive communication between parents and their children. Even if face-to-face interactions are suspended, we continued to have fun learning though a virtual cooking class conducted by our PSG leader Mdm Kamilah, creating wonderful memories with brownies and yoga sessions for a healthy lifestyle.


Helping out in school activities

It has been a challenging year for Lianhua PSG as we face difficulties in planning meetings and events. However, this period of uncertainty not only strengthens the spirit of volunteerism spirit in our parent volunteers, but inspire creativity as well. Our committed PSG leaders and members came up with initiatives that never fails to amaze us. To celebrate 75th anniversary with LHPS family, they made paper strips out of old school magazines, breaking a Singapore record with our students and teachers. In the spirit of upcycling, Mdm Yong Karen taught the staff on handmade scrubs during SWC. Our PSG’s care and thoughtfulness for our students and other parents extends through their kind actions. It was a touching sight to see the smiles on our students and teachers’ faces when they helped in the various school activities



Our Fathers group has been active in planning and organizing father-child activities. The various activities give opportunities for Daddies to bond with their children and leaves wonderful memories.

Parents' Voices


Mdm Kamilah (2008-2015)(2016-today):

I joined PSG when my first child enrolled into Lianhua Primary School. The reason I joined was because I enjoyed doing voluntary work. Two years into PSG, I was nominated to be the Event Coordinator. My role was to organise PSG Family Day and barbeque sessions. Over the years, I was fortunate to see the happy faces on the children when they see their parents involved in the school activities. We executed many activities for the students and there were many active PSG members. Then, I took a year break from PSG. When I returned and was nominated as the PSG chairman, I worked closely with Mdm Kuan, PSG Exco members and Mr Willy Tan, the ex-Principal. Together, we planned fun and interesting activities for the students and staff of Lianhua Primary School, for example our Upcycle project. It was my first time recording a video for all students, showing them how we can use old T-shirts to make a tote bag. When this video was used in the SLS lesson, I had a sense of achievement and was glad to contribute in such a meaningful way. I feel that the school is a happier and livelier place for the students as well as parents when we parents work closely with the school and teachers.

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