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Student Wellbeing

Major Programmes

P6 Cheerleaders

  • Taking care of the Primary 6’s emotional, social and physical well-being as they journey towards their first national exam, PSLE.
  • Providing them with timely boosts to keep them motivated and encouraged

Student Wellbeing_1.jpg
P6 students with one of their termly treats and motivational stickers

Student Wellbeing_2.jpg

Students listening attentively to the advice of their seniors from Hillgrove Secondary School.

Student Wellbeing_3.jpg

Making our own stress balls

Lifting Hearts

  • Help students nurture their talents, build peer and teacher relationships, as well as provide additional support and engage students meaningfully after school.
  • Exposure to activities beyond the curriculum that students have demonstrated an interest in.

Student Wellbeing_4.jpg
Learning something new takes lots of concentration

Student Wellbeing_5.jpg

Using colours to uplift spirits!

Student Wellbeing_6.jpg

Learning the basic chords of a ukulele

P5 & P6 Class Talks

  • School Counsellor customises and tailors class talks to suit the needs of each class based on feedback from Form Teachers to provide support in students’ socio-emotional well-being

Level-wide Programmes

  • Growing Years Series (P5 and 6)
The lessons are conducted during allocated FTGP and emphasises on the importance of respect for self and others, both online and offline, and respecting personal boundaries for healthy relationships and safety. It also aims to help students develop positive self-identity and healthy relationships.

  • Financial Literacy (P3)
The lessons cover basic concepts of Financial Literacy such as saving, earning, spending, budgeting and needs versus wants. This programme helps to build a foundation for students to learn how to manage their money.

  • Growth Mindset (P4)
The growth mindset advocates the spirit of resilience and that through hard work, good methods and a willingness to accept feedback, any talents, both academic and non-academic, can be developed. Having the growth mindset is about developing the right attitude.

  • Education and Career Guidance
Education and Career Guidance (ECG) equips students with the necessary knowledge, skills and values needed to make informed decisions at each key education stage for successful transition from school to further education or work, and empower them for lifelong learning. Students are encouraged to explore the different pathways and occupations to keep an open mind about what lies ahead of their primary education.