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Chapter 2

Lianhua Primary School eOpen House 2022

Every Lianhuarean, A Superhero

Chapter 2: Minds of Inquiry


"Be passionately curious and try new things"  - Inquisitive Ismail

Here in Lianhua, we want our students to be curious about the world and things around them. Students acquire new knowledge through critical thinking, problem solving and collaboration in various fun learning environments. Our curriculum and programmes focus on the 4A dimensions (Authencity, Ambiguity, Autonomy and Actualisation) to enhance student experience and to deepen their learning.

Passion Project

Here in Lianhua, students are guided in their learning but are given the autonomy to make good decisions and choices to directly impact their learning. The feeling of actualisation is manifested in the showcase of their passion

Every Lianhuarean, A Superhero. Every superhero is an inspiration to others. Helping our students find their purpose in life and providing them a platform to pursue their passion enables them to positively influence their peers. A sense of purpose nurtures an inquisitive nature in our students as they yearn to find out more about their passion. In line with our school’s motto, “Play, Passion, Purpose”, students share what they are passionate about with their teachers and peers.

Find out more about our students' passions here:

MTL Young Journalist Programme

The MTL Young Journalist Programme was introduced in 2014, with the focus of providing authentic experiences for students to learn and to use Chinese Language. They manage challenges that come their way in their pursuit of knowledge and learn to be comfortable in ambiguous situations. Since then, Young Journalists have embarked on an exciting journey of interviewing, news reporting and in-house publishing. These skills are aligned to our school’s Vision: Minds of Inquiry, Joy in Learning and Confidence in Life. 

Click to read the second issue of "Lianhua Pulse", an MTL newsletter.


Lianhua FM - “Connecting you and me”

Other than in-house publishing and news reporting, our Young Journalists embarked on an exciting journey of Broadcasting. This year, we are pleased to launch Lianhua FM, where Young Journalists get the opportunity to do live broadcasting in their Mother Tongue Language during Recess. During HBL, we leveraged the SLS platform to bring Lianhua FM closer to them at home. Through their voices, we aim to connect with all Lianhuareans and ignite the passion of Journalism and Broadcasting in our students.

Click to watch Young Journalists in action: