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P6 Direct School Admission – School Publicity
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2020 P6 Parents Briefing on DSA
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PSLE Briefing 31 Aug 2020 & Support kit Slides
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Updates on P6 Tutorials & Direct School Admission
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Updates on PSLE 2020 & P6 Preliminary Examination
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2020 Primary 1 Registration Exercise
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Primary 6

1. MOE’s Webinar for Parents of Primary 6 Students

Dear parents, 
As your child enters these last few months of his or her primary school journey, are you wondering how else you can help your child cope well this season? And how you can explore secondary school options together? Read on for tips in the kit attached! 
For more tips on how you can help your child transit smoothly to secondary school, sign up for MOE’s Webinar, Preparing Your Child’s Transition to Secondary Education, that will be held online on Saturday morning, 5 Sep 2020. Details can be found in the link below, and within the kit attached. 
Be a P.S.L.E parent today – Proactive, Supportive, Loving and Empowering!

2. Are you a P.S.L.E Parent? [Parent kit]

Wondering how you can support your child in preparing for the PSLE and for the next steps ahead? Here are some tips on how you can help your child cope well, and explore secondary school choices together.

Check out the PDF attached below.

3. 31 Aug 2020 PSLE Briefing: PSLE Aggregate & Sec 1 Posting

The following PDF explains the PSLE aggregate, T-scores computation and Secondary 1 Posting matters.  

4. 31 Aug 2020 PSLE Briefing: Safe Management Measures and Study Break (28 Sep – 30 Sep)

The following PDF explains the Safe Management Measures taken prior and during the PSLE. It also shares the rationale and school’s approach to how the Study Break is carried out in Lianhua. 

Other Information: