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Art Club


The Lianhua Art Club aims to provide opportunities for budding artists to explore creativity through 2D and 3D art in array of visual art media and forms. Members have participated and clinched awards in various competitions (e.g. Singapore Youth Art Festival and Living Art from Urban Waste Competition). They share their passion with the school and the community at large to promote the beauty of Art. Exploration extends beyond the classroom setting, where students develop a deeper appreciation for the Arts through engagements with the surroundings as well as eye-opening visits to the museums and exhibitions.


Recycling Art Competition – 
"Protecting the Homes of Our Ocean Friends!"

Thanita Ong Jia Xuan - Primary 1Resilience 2019
"SYF was so fun. I learn how to make clay food. I enjoyed creating art together with my friends!"

Liu Jianing - Primary  2Loyalty 2019
"SYF was very fun. I learned teamwork as I shared materials with my friends and we worked well in harmony."

Chung Hee Chee - 2Diligence 2019
"SYF was fun! I learned compassion through sharing materials. I learn the techniques to shape clay into food."

Goh Shu En Amelia - 2Diligence 2019
"I feel happy about the art-making process. I get to make different kinds of food using clay. I made hotdog, pizza and French-fries."

Ajikumar Jenisha Angel Fiona Mattea - 2Compassion 2019/
"SYF was very exciting as I can create lots of new art pieces (clay food) and I get to learn about food from different cultures."
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