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Gamelan CCA has been around for over 20 years. The Lianhua Gamelan member’s journey begins with the commitment to develop a skill for playing an instrument. They need not have prior experience but must be resilient and willing to learn. Through various performance opportunities and taking on leadership roles, members learn to be more disciplined and confident.

This CCA aims to generate greater appreciation of Javanese/ Balinese music and rhythms by creating and performing new works which are unique and progressive, giving audiences a new perspective of gamelan music.

We also aim for students to express themselves through music, particular using instruments, and to inculcate values like teamwork, discipline and responsibility in them. The students have participated in the Singapore Youth Festival and have been invited to perform in school and various external platforms, receiving an overwhelming applause from the audience.


2016Singapore Youth Festival (SYF) – Arts Presentation For Instrumental Ensemble (Gamelan)Certificate of Distinction
2016Singapore Youth Festival (SYF) – Arts Presentation For Instrumental Ensemble (Gamelan)Certificate of Accomplishment

V. Girish - Primary 5 2019

I am always passionate about traditional ensemble music. In learning Gamelan, I can learn and play more than one instruments. In order to understand Gamelan, it is necessary to know what and how each instrument contribute to the overall sound. When all the instruments are played together, they give an unforgettable sound and experience.

Usually after school, I feel stressed. When I am stressed, it usually takes a long time for me to cure it. When I go for the sessions, Gamelan music makes me feel more relaxed. It reduces the stress faster. I also have an interest in music. When I come for the lessons, I can learn more about Gamelan and the types of songs that are played. Example: wedding music etc.

Gamelan has taught me teamwork and co-ordination. As Gamelan has to be played together with many performers, co-ordination is vital. During Gamelan sessions, I work with my friends and we always co-ordinate to produce great music. Gamelan has also taught me about hardwork. This is especially so before any staged performances, we practise more and never give up until we achieve the desired performance.

Hui Ying - Primary 6 2019
I really like the music, the music calms me down and relaxes me. All my stress are relieved whenever I hear the music of the Gamelan instruments.
I kept on going for my CCA because of my friends. Gamelan is always fun. I always look forward to every training session.
Gamelan has taught me to be patient. When a member need the instructor's help, the other members have to practise their instruments by themselves. I also learnt teamwork. Teamwork is needed in Gamelan as we have to hear one another or else the music will sound bad.

Adam - Primary  5 2019
The beat and the tune of the music, performance, friends and the teachers.
Learning new songs, playing different instruments from time to time.
To concentrate and be focused. Concentrating on my instrument and the tune. Following my teachers' instructions.
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