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During my experience in the Handbells CCA, I learnt many valuable values like unity, self-discipline, resilience and compassion when I joined the CCA. I learnt the basics like ringing the chimes and handbells properly. After which, my seniors taught me to recognise and identify notes and how to read the beat numbers. It took a few months to get used to play according to the beat. My journey was rocky initially but eventually, it got smoother. I am sure it is the same for each Handbells member. Despite the challenges, I really like Handbells a lot and I hope that more people can experience playing this graceful instrument.  ~ SU MYAT NOE WIN, 2019

I think Handbells gives us the opportunity to learn a special music instrument. I get to make new friends and play together. With this CCA, we learn how to be united. I appreciate the opportunity to join Handbells as I always go home with a smile on my face after each session.  ~ TAN EMMA XIN PING, 2019

I think joining Handbells is very interesting as one can play many songs with your friends and also has the opportunity to perform for others. During CCA, I get to meet friends who are not from my class. We also have many chances to try different techniques and notes. One will surely enjoy playing this instrument if you join our CCA. ~ SOON YEE THANG, 2019

I was in Handbells CCA for the past two years. I have learnt not to give up no matter how hard the challenge was. I also learnt about excellence because I gave my best efforts into playing the songs. I will always do my very best in my CCA. ~ SOH XIN YU JOEY, 2019


The Lianhua Handbell Ensemble was established in 2013 and was named the “Griffin Bellz”.

Being one of the youngest Performing Arts CCA in Lianhua Primary School, Griffin Bellz has worked diligently to spread the magic of music through the rhythmic movement of handbell. Training sessions have allowed the students to develop close friendships and a strong team spirit. Values like resilience and confidence are inculcated in each member as they persevere to perform their very best.

We achieved the Certificate of Distinction at the Singapore Youth Festival Arts Presentation 2014 for their performance of “Greensleeves’ and ‘Part of Your World’ under the baton of Mr Mak Sheng Hong Myren. Those who love music have happy hearts. Griffin Bellz will continue its pursuit to bring joy to everyone with its resounding and mellifluous music.


2018Singapore Youth Festival (SYF) – Arts Presentation For Instrumental Ensemble (Handbell)Certificate of Accomplishment
2016Singapore Youth Festival (SYF) – Arts Presentation For Instrumental Ensemble (Handbell)Certificate of Accomplishment

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