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Indian Dance

The Lianhua Indian Dance aims to hope to develop students from diverse racial groups and inculcate the love and appreciation for the Indian Culture, and at the same time, allow students to express themselves gracefully through classical, folk and contemporary dance movements.

Performance and competitions are great platforms for our dancers to showcase their capabilities and strengths in the performing arts. Students are exposed to National Competitions such as the Singapore Youth Festival (SYF) every two years. They are also given the opportunity to perform in school events (e.g. Deepavali and Prize Giving Ceremony) and public events organized by external organizations (e.g. Grassroots Organization).

The love for Indian Dance has influenced our pupils to continue with this passion in their post-primary education. Indian Dance CCA is definitely a CCA which any child could join to have fun and at the same time, acquire a beautiful and ancient art form experience.


2018Singapore Youth Festival (SYF) – Arts Presentation For Dance (Indian)Certificate of Accomplishment
2016Singapore Youth Festival (SYF) – Arts Presentation For Dance (Indian)Certificate of Accomplishment

Venkata Ramani Krithika - Primary 3, 2019

I chose Indian Dance as my CCA at the end of Primary 2 as I wanted to learn about the different forms of Indian traditional dance. I am also keen to participate in many dance performances and competitions. During Indian dance practice, I learn movements of the Indian traditional dance. I work as a team with my friends to learn better. I learnt unity through teamwork as I worked together with my friends to perform well. At times, I struggled with certain dance movements. This made me feel disheartened. However, I overcame it with resilience by not giving up when the steps are difficult. I learnt to preserve on and try my best until I got the step right. 

Shanmugan Dhanyasree - P4 Unity, 2019

I have a keen interest in Indian Dance. As a member of the CCA, I learn more about the Indian culture. I am able to learn new dance concepts that I am not familiar with e.g., classical, folk dance concepts. After I joined the CCA in Primary 2, I have learn different types of dances such as Kavadi dance and Peacock dance. I gain exposure to different music pieces that suits the movements to the various dance concepts. I have also been kind and compassionate by helping others when they do not know how to perform the dance steps when it is new and difficult for them. I look forward to work together with my friends to learn and accomplish the dance steps and choreography.

Dharmendiran Janani - P5 Unity, 2019

I feel happy to be the Vice-Chairperson for Indian Dance this year.  I take on this role with pride. I have participated in 2 SYF Presentations over the years. I have learnt many Indian folk dance movements from the instructor. During practice sessions, my peers are compassionate and teach us if we struggle with dance steps. Although preparation for SYF is intensive, I enjoy participating and performing on the stage. This year, I participated in the school musical. I had a good time training for it. I performed to a school composed song, ‘Witches’. I had the opportunity to dress as a witch. The dance moves I learnt was intriguing. Overall, the experience was enriching. I hope to participate in more such performances.
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