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Malay Dance

The Lianhua Malay Dance consists of an exuberant and exciting group of students who are passionate about Malay Culture and Dance. The objectives of the CCA are to encourage students to embrace Malay culture through dance and build teamwork as well as good sportsmanship among members.

Under the guidance of our instructors and teachers, the dancers are also ensured to be able to learn valuable traditions across the spectrum of culture and language. Students are also mold to be an active leader and to take charge of any given responsibilities to them.

Our dancers have performed incredibly well by achieving awards in all its participation in the Singapore Youth Festival (SYF) competitions. They also performed at various school-based events and community functions held by the Grassroots Organisation.


Year Competition Award
2018 Singapore Youth Festival (SYF) – Arts Presentation For Dance (Malay)Certificate of Accomplishment
2016 Singapore Youth Festival (SYF) – Arts Presentation For Dance (Malay) Certificate of Accomplishment

Nirsya Irissya D/O Mohd Hushaini Nizam - P5 Compassion, 2019
Good day fellow schoolmates,
My name is Nirsya Irissya from 5 Compassion and I am going to write about my journey from being just involved in Malay Dance to becoming a CCA Leader. To be honest, I am not a fan of Malay Dance but after being actively involved in it, I realised that it is my passion. I feel very happy and proud to represent the school in participating in various concerts and competition such as The Singapore Youth Festival. I still get butterflies in my stomach whenever I dance on stage but as I go through the dance routine, the butterflies will disappear and confidence will replace it. The Singapore Youth Festival was a great experience for me. I had the chance to meet many fellow Malay dancers from different schools all over Singapore and seeing the different colour costumes that they wore. At the end of the day, after some healthy competition, we are all one big Malay Dance family. I am honoured to be chosen as a CCA Leader by my teacher because this shows the confidence she has in my abilities. I will try to fulfil the job of a CCA Leader to the best of my ability. Thank you.

Qidran Najmi Bin Shahrin - P4 Excellence, 2019             
I am Qidran and I have been in Malay Dance Club for 2 and a half years. During these years, I have participated in a competition and put up a few public performances.  Last year, I participated in the Singapore Youth Festival Malay Dance Competition.  I was nervous, but I remembered what my dance instructor said, “Don’t be scared” and so I did it.  When the big day came, I danced in happiness and joy.  There was a big crowd of parents and relatives watching the performances.  I was spooked out but I ignored and continued dancing.  After the performance, I cried and hoped we received the Distinction Award. In the end, we received Accomplishment Award.  I was glad.  It was an amazing experience!

This year, I participated in the Singing Festival at Dulwich College.  This event was also amazing as the Malay Dancers wore duck outfit.  Everyone was laughing when they saw our outfit. We danced differently this time, so it was a challenge for the dancers.  We showed resilience throughout the dance practice and completed the dance.  The dance moves was very cute and funny!  During the performance, I did my best to be the funniest duck!  I was very happy that we did our best.

Nurul Qazlyshah Binte Muhd Rizal - P5 Loyalty, 2019              
Last year, I participated in the Singapore Youth Festival Malay Dance competition. I have worked hard to remember the dance steps and worked well as a team. It was the first time I participated in the SYF competition.  I felt so nervous on the stage but I kept smiling when I saw the audience stared at us.  I did my best on that day.  Even though we achieved Accomplishment Award, I am happy and proud of it.  I am looking forward to participate in SYF competition next year, 2020 as it will be my last year to represent my school.   
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