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Modern Dance


Lianhua Modern Dance CCA started in the year 2007 and aims to nurture and groom students, both boys and girls, to excel in the area of dance. This CCA provides a platform for students to perform their choreographed dance item which instill in them the school values. We strive to ignite the passion for dance in young talents and ambitions for high standards of achievements in all activities and performances that we participate in.

Our dancers participated in various competitions such as the DanceWorks!, Environmental Dance Floor Competition and Strictly Jump Jam. As a result of their continued hard work, they have clinched awards and done the school proud.

Our dancers perform in the school concerts and community functions held by the Grassroots Organisation. We have also been invited to perform in events organised by National Environment Agency like the Southwest Eco-Day Out.


Year Competition Award
2018 Singapore Youth Festival (SYF) – Arts Presentation For Dance (Modern) Certificate of Accomplishment
DANCEWORKS! 2018 Anti-Drug Dance Competition - #TheNextLitMoves Best Outfit Award
 2016 DANCEWORKS! 2016 Anti-Drug Dance Competition - Dance For Freedom Best Anti-Drug Theme Award

Shireen Insyirah Binte Mohammed Shariff - 4 Compassion 2019
When I was in P2, I found out about Modern Dance and decided to join as I have a passion for dance. I am very glad to have made the decision to join as I have learnt a lot through my experience here. 
My fellow dance members and instructor are kind and accommodating. Although I sometimes make mistakes in my dance steps, they are patient with me. I also help my juniors who have just joined us. Our instructor also choreographs very cool dance steps! My friends and I have fun dancing together to the songs. 
My most memorable moment was when I took part in SYF last year as it was my first major competition. Through it, I could really experience the sense of camaraderie among my teammates. I learnt what resilience and unity meant. Our hard work paid off and we won the “Accomplishment” award! It was a big achievement for us. 

Catherine Cing Nuan Dim - 3 Compassion 2019
I joined Modern Dance because I can get to learn the importance of movement and also keep fit. I feel proud that I get to play a part in bringing people together through dance when we perform for special events. 
I enjoy coming for Modern Dance practices as dancing is fun and it makes me happy. Sometimes we get to express ourselves by coming up with short dance sequences on our own. I enjoy these segments as I get to develop my confidence and creativity. 
My most memorable experience so far would be the Lianhua Singing Festival as it was my first performance on stage. It was a new venue outside school and there was a large audience watching us perform. We practised very hard in the weeks before the event but I had a lot of fun with my friends. We showed unity, compassion and resilience. We encouraged one another and worked together to perfect our dance steps.

Luvyna Tan Le Xuan - 6 Unity 2019
I decided to join Modern Dance as I enjoy dancing. I have some background in dance so this is a good platform for me to have more opportunities to develop my dance skills.
The most memorable time I had in my time with Modern Dance was during SYF, as it was my first and last competition in Lianhua. It was not easy but we did our best and enjoyed the process too. There was always fun and laughter during our practice sessions.
Other than learning the latest dance steps, I also got to make new friends who share the same passion for dance. I will be graduating this year and will definitely miss dancing with my friends. 
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