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Percussion Essemble


Percussion Ensemble was introduced in Lianhua Primary School since 2018. Being the newest and youngest Performing Arts CCA in school, members diligently practice to spread the magic of music through the rhythmic movement. Exciting plans are in the pipeline for Lianhua Percussion Ensemble as they make their first appearance to perform for the audience during the Lianhua “Stars of Hope” concert.

Sophia Rose Tan - 4 Excellence 2019
Hello! My CCA is Percussion Ensemble. I enjoy this CCA because I enjoy music. I get to play the drums, Xylophone and Glockenspiel. I have a number of experiences performing for our school, and I hope there will be more in the near future!
I believe in Joy in Learning and Confidence in Life. I enjoy participating in my CCA and have the confidence to perform in front of the audience. As our school’s motto is Standing Tall Achieving Results, I hope we will perform our best for next year’s Singapore Youth Festival’s central judging.

Lucas Khaw Eu Wen – 3 Resilience 2019
My mother has inspired me and taught me how to play the keyboard. My grandfather, on the other hand, taught me how to play the Ukulele. My Primary 2 Music teacher, Mr Sim, said that I was very good in playing the Xylophone. So, I joined the Percussion Ensemble CCA last year in 2018.
I got to learn how to play the drum set and I enjoyed the learning experience. I hope to see more pupils joining the CCA so we would have more fun together!  

Tu Ruichen – 6 Diligence 2019
I feel that the Percussion Ensemble is a highly interacting music CCA where students learn how to play and perform using percussion instruments. I got to learn to play the drums and chimes and I should be able to apply the skills I have learned later on in my life. 
Our instructor, Mrs Angeline Tan, is kind and patient. We all learn from scratch by practising on the drum practice pad to master the playing skill and familiarise ourselves with the rhythm and beat. We enjoyed our training sessions with Mrs Tan. I would strongly encourage more students to join this CCA, even those with no music background is fine. 

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