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Robotics Club


The mission of Lianhua Robotics Club is to provide platform for innovation and creativity. Over the years, members have participated in numerous rigorous robotics event. These exciting events aim to promote robotics education to young pupils in Singapore. It nurtures young pupils' interest in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) by providing interactive competition platforms with designable and programmable robots.

Members have competed in the national, regional and international levels, such as Singapore VEX, National Junior Robotics Competition and Asia-Pacific VEX. In some of the competitions, pupils are tasked to form alliances with other teams to complete the missions. Through these exciting learning journeys, many friendships have flourished.

Robotics Club is an excellent avenue for pupils to engage in meaningful and active learning, build their character and 21st Century Skills as they go about our club activities. Members exercise self-discipline as they set goals and keep to the timeline in the preparation for their competitions, and persevere and strive for excellence, clinching awards for the school and nation.


Year Competition Award
2018 Singapore Vex Robotics
  • 1st in Programming Challenge (VEX)
  • 2nd & 3rd in Robot Skills Challenge (VEX)
  • 3rd in Primary School Division (VEX)
  • 3rd in Team Alliance (VEXIQ)
  • Judges Award (VEXIQ)
2016 Singapore Vex Robotics
  • 1st in Primary School Division (VEX)
  • 1st in Robot Skills (VEX - Junior Category)
  • 2nd in Robot Skills (VEX - Junior Category)
  • 1st in Programming Skills (VEX - Junior Category)
  • Judges Award
  • 1st in Programming Skills (VEX IQ)
  • 2nd in Team Alliance (VEX IQ)
  • 3rd in Team Alliance (VEX IQ)
National Junior Robotics Competitions
  • 1st - Sprint Race (Side Event)
  • Grand Finalist - Best Research Award
  • Grand Finalist - Best Mechanical Design Award
  • Grand Finalist - Best Presentation Award

I am Shaan Naresh Anand from Primary 5 Unity. My CCA is Robotics. I was selected to join Robotics in Primary 3 as I am a good builder and think creatively to design robots. I also wanted to try my hands on programming robots. When I joined Robotics, I had difficulty with the names and functions of the different parts of the robots as I had never seen those parts before. After I have consulted my seniors who helped me, I could better build robots with my creativity to solve the challenges posed to my team in competitions. 

I also learned school values such as unity and resilience. Building a robot requires me to be resilient, especially when my robot does not work. Unity is also important as we have to work with our teammates to solve problems by combining our ideas. After two and a half years in Robotics, I am sure that this CCA is a place where anyone can learn meaningful skills, share ideas, explore construction of robots using one’s creativity, and more importantly, have fun! You will have many good experiences and may even become a leader. I feel very proud to be in this CCA.

- Shaan, 5 Unity, Vice-chairperson of Robotics CCA

I have been in Robotics Club for three years. We have training sessions on Tuesday and Friday afternoons. I often had to discuss with my teammates to come up with a strategy to complete the task assigned to us. My teammates and I might not agree all the time but we always resolved the problems before the next training session. 

During our training sessions, we learned to programme robots to move. Now, I am very good at programming. I also learned to build different types of robots. Above all, every time after training, I would always remind myself that we have to work as a team. I had a lot of fun in this CCA.

- Ryan, 5 Unity, Member of Robotics CCA

In the Robotics CCA, I have learned many things. I learned that we have to do everything as a team because if we do not do so, we will never succeed. As a team, we have to work together to complete the challenges posed to us.

I also learned how to plan before constructing a robot. Not forgetting programming as well.

We go for a competition every year. Last year, my team and I had to work together to achieve a common goal. I learned that if we argue or quarrel, we will not accomplish what we had set out to do.

- Jacey, 4 Excellence, Member of Robotics CCA
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