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The Lianhua Volleyball Team aims to develop perseverance, commitment and a strong desire to succeed. The CCA has sustained excellent achievements in the recent National Schools’ Volleyball competitions. Our team always strives for excellence and demonstrates passion, perseverance and team-work through our regular training sessions. On the whole, the CCA certainly gives its members many opportunities to learn to be committed young athletes, with the drive to pursue the best in themselves.


Year Competition Award
West Zone C Div (Snr Girls)
3rd Place

SUH BOGWANG- Primary 4
When our volleyball team was about to start the second volleyball match, we were nervous. However, I felt slightly confident because we had won the first match. Thankfully, we won all 5 of our matches and achieved 1st place! This could only be possible by working together as a team. We cheered and communicate with each other during these matches. Even when we were losing, we never gave up. We did not complain or quarrel with each other in the team. Instead, we listened to our coach and adopt his strategies to calm ourselves down and how to anticipate where the opponent will hit the ball to so we can return the ball and score a point. Through the values of resilience and unity, we were able to achieve first place in the competition!  

HOI YEE TING- Primary 5
I enjoyed myself a lot during the West Zone Volleyball competition. Although my team did not win all the matches, I think we had tried our best. We had displayed resilience and unity during the matches. Even if anyone made mistakes during the game, we will encourage each other instead of finding fault with one another. My captain, Kiran, would always cheer whenever we won a point. After the competition ended, I felt a little sad as we didn’t qualify for the next round, Nationals. Thankfully, my teammates cheered me up and we decided to put in more effort to train for the next competition. 

I joined the Volleyball CCA because I wanted to try out a new type of sports. Volleyball has allowed me to cultivate values like resilience and teamwork. During the Westzone Volleyball Competition, my team didn’t manage to get into the top 4. However, we encouraged each other and did our best for each match. I have also learnt better time management skills. Studying to complete my homework and going for CCA trainings have taken up most of my time, but with the help of my teachers and coach, I learnt to handle both. I believed I have grown a lot through these 3 years in volleyball. Thank you!  

I joined the Volleyball CCA because I was in Sports Academy and was assigned to it. After being exposed to Volleyball, I found it more fun as compared to the other CCAs, fencing and basketball. Although the training was tough, I managed to continue with the training and emerge as a more skilful player. Coach was always there to encourage me. When the West Zone Volleyball competition approaches, I felt very nervous. Luckily, my teammates and coach encouraged me to make me feel better and more confident. Although we didn’t get into the top 4s, we did our very best in each match and never gave up. Even in defeat, we smiled and took a selfie with our coach and teachers.   

I joined the Volleyball CCA because I like sports. I am very active and can hardly sit still. I like the volleyball training sessions very much as I get to learn new techniques and moves that are used in volleyball matches. I have also learnt how to work as a team. We encouraged each other even when we made a mistake. Above all, I learnt the importance values of resilience, perseverance, teamwork, diligence, excellence and unity. I was very delighted and proud when I was appointed as one of the Vice-Captains. It was truly an unforgettable and enjoyable experience. 
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