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Learning for Life Programme

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LLP offers students more opportunities to pursue learning in line with their interests and helps deepen their 21st century competencies through a combination of applied learning experiences and life-skills experiences.

Lianhua’s LLP is titled CHAMP for Life. CHAMP is short for ‘CHAracter Makes a Person’. It aims to develop students’ character through a variety of sporting and outdoor experiences over the course of their 6-year primary school journey.


  • To develop good character in our students through consistently putting into action desirable values and attributes.
  • To develop an interest in sports and the outdoors in our students through the pursuit of sports for healthy recreation.

CHAMP for Life – Developing Character through Sports and Outdoor Education

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Values are the rules by which we choose to live our lives. They serve as an internal compass to help us set priorities and guide us in the right direction. When we align our choices and actions to the right values, we cultivate a positive attitude and become more equipped to handle life’s various challenges.

CHAMP for Life aims to equip our students with a broad spectrum of values and attributes from three categories:
  •  Performance – Required in effective skill learning and execution.
  •  Social – Relationship dynamics between self and others.
  •  Moral – Moderating desires for success with a sense of righteousness.








Values & Attributes (Performance, Social, Moral)

Diligence (P)

Self-Discipline (P)

Resilience (P)

Unity (S)

Humility (S)

Compassion (M)

Harmony (S)

Encouraging (S)

Respect (M)

Honesty (M)

Sportsmanship (M)

Excellence (S)


CHAMP for Life consists of two tiers. A tiered approach serves to provide different depths of experience. 

Tier 1

Students will learn and apply selected values through the PE and PAL programmes. The CHAMP for Life journals are used to facilitate reflection and allow students to document their learning. 

The range of programmes includes:
  • PE lessons focusing on values education
  • Step-It-Up Challenge
  • Young Warriors Challenge
  • Track & Field Meet
  • Sports Education Programme
  • Camps
  • Inter-Class Games
  • PAL (Sports & Games, Outdoor Education)

Tier 2

In Tier 2, the target group is the Sports CCA members and the focus is application of values at both recreational and competitive levels. There will also be platforms for students to hone leadership skills so that they can contribute in various roles during CCA or school-wide sports events.

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