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LHPS Passion Project

Creating a Generation of Passionately Curious Learners

Lianhua Primary School’s Passion Project was designed in 2019 with the aim of igniting our students’ curiosity and motivation to learn. Through the project, students are able to participate in not just joyful, but meaningful, learning experiences. They are challenged to pursue their passions and to be confident to lead their life purposefully. At the same time, they are taught to think about social and environmental issues around them and to be the young activists to address these issues. They learn that they, as young as they may be, can also make a difference to the world around them. The school believes that it is important to teach the kids to learn for life so that they can become healthy, happy and successful kids in life. In 2020, the school’s motto was changed to ‘Play, Passion, Purpose’ to reflect this thinking and ideal.

Passion at the Heart of Learning

Our Passion Project is a student-centric tool which encourages the students to be curious of their likes, strengths and sources of motivation. Through this project, every child is given the opportunity to learn by exploring their interests and discovering their passions. Through play, our students will experience different domains of learning, which include technology, arts, music, sports, nature, dance, languages and even mathematics.

Making use of their new-found passions, our pupils are then challenged to go on a deep learning journey and to inspire others by sharing their passion and journey. These challenges build the child’s resilience and confidence.

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Sharing of Passion for Gunpla by Amelia Hoe

Passion Project@Home
With the covid-19 pandemic situation, most, if not all, of the school’s plans and activities were disrupted. In 2020, instead of shelving this passion project, the school decided to take the opportunity to intensify our efforts, as we believe in the goodness that the project can bring.

During the Full Home-based Learning (FHBL) period, the Passion Project@Home was designed to help the students to reframe their current situation and allow them the time to be self-directed learners of things they want to discover and pursue in terms of knowledge and skills.

Weekly challenges designed around 7 topics helped students explore their interests. Students also had a great time showing off their discoveries and pursuits during the Circuit Breaker using Flipgrid, an online video sharing application. A total of 553 videos were created, which is equivalent to 1523.9 hours of video time. Behind those hours of video time were more hours spent on the exploration of their interests as well as learning how to post their videos online. It is heartening to know that our students have invested so much time and effort into their interests and passions.

Passion Showcasing

In terms of viewership, we recorded 46,837 views of the Flipgrid videos by the students. We hope that the passionate sharing by our students have inspired their viewers and ignited a spark of passion in them.
After the circuit breaker, as the school moved towards normalcy, the Passion Showcase 2020 was presented to all the staff and students of the school via a Passion Talk Show Zoom session. This showcase was shared as a form of celebration of the various innovations and passions. We helped our students to process this experience by connecting it with the school values of resilience, excellence and diligence, and how such values are important for all of us to overcome the life struggles during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Moving Forward beyond 2020

The passion project is a powerful way for our students to embark on a purposeful journey of lifelong learning. In 2021, we aim to deepen this form of learning by exploring the different aspects of the passion project.

“I have no special talents. I am only passionately curious.”

-Albert Einstein