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Project Smile

“There are many reasons why we join Project SMILE but the most obvious reason is that we can help the needy families in the school as well as in the community. In this way, we can brighten up the world.”

Tan Li Xuan, 6 Loyalty
Volunteer for the Project SMILE

Indeed, this is the positive attitude that our students have whenever they volunteer for this meaningful project.

Project SMILE is a project where Lianhua partners many agencies with the aim of bringing smiles to people who are facing difficult situations. Working in partnership with Hao Ren Hao Shi* and the Bukit Gombak Hillgrove Residents’ Committee, the school staff and students pack and distribute grocery packs to vulnerable families of the school and the community.

Project Smile 1.jpg
Students’ Planning In Action
Project Smile 2.jpg
Arrival of Sponsored Grocery Items
Project Smile 3.jpg
Working as A Team to Unload Sponsored Grocery Items
Project Smile 4.jpg
Student In Action: Giving Out Instructions
Project Smile 5.jpg
Final Checks
Project Smile 6.jpg
Stations Ready for Packing
Project Smile 7.jpg
Parent-Child In Action
Project Smile 8.jpg
Leadership In Action

From February to May 2021, our school organized four such events, benefitting a hundred vulnerable families each time. During these events, our school’s prefects led a group of volunteers consisting of students and parents to pack and distribute the grocery packs on a Saturday morning.

The project came to a halt in June due to the worsening Covid situation and only resumed in August in time for the National Day celebration. In order to reach out to more vulnerable families without putting the volunteers at risk, staff volunteers delivered the grocery packs to the families with minimal contact instead.

While it may seem that the recipients are the only beneficiaries of this project, the volunteers, including the parents and the students, all agreed that the project has allowed them to experience the joy of giving and the hearts of serving. Without a doubt, this is truly one of the most authentic experiences for our students to see the values that they have been taught in action.

*Hao Ren Hao Shi is a non-profitable organization that aspires to serve the solitary, needy and the sick. For Project SMILE, it sponsors all the grocery items for distribution to the recipients.